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Speak French Confidently

The Basic of the French Language, in 10 LIVE Interactive Classes

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Course Highlights

  • 10 LIVE interactive online classes + 3 Bonus Classes
  • The course would be completed in 4 weeks
  • Ideal for English language speakers new to French Language
  • Course instructor has been teaching French for more than 4 years

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English, French

Course Description



Get closer to your dream of speaking like a native French speaker in 10 LIVE interactive classes with this course!


Benefiting English language speakers who are looking to start learning French, this instructor led course is designed to help you with the French sounds. Focusing on pronunciation and grammar, the course provides you near native French accent for some key phrases, sounds and sentences.


Although focused on French sounds, you will also notice considerable improvement in your ability to read and write in the French language.


In 10 LIVE interactive online classes, this course would be completed in 4 weeks and covers basic French communication like alphabets, greetings, numbers, grammatical structures, and time. The course also includes 3 bonus classes.


The course would be instructed by an experienced teacher, who has been teaching French online for more than 4 years. With this experience in both teaching methodologies as well as course content, this course is ideal choice for those who have procrastinated starting learning the French language.


What’s in the course:


  • 10 LIVE interactive online classes + Access to class recordings
  • Online access to study material - videos, audios and PDF files


Course outline:


Class Number Topic Class Duration
1. Alphabet 1 hour
2. Alphabet reading practice 1 hour
3. Greeting 1 hour
4. Grammatical persons 1 hour
5. To be/to have in present tense 1 hour
6. Definite/indefinite articles (le,la,un,une,des etc 1 hour
7. Numbers in French:from 1 to 24 1 hour
8. Time in French 1 hour
9. Conjugaison:First group verbs in present tense 1 hour
10. Conjugaison:Second group verbs in present tense 1 hour


About the Instructor

Oumar S.

A doctor by profession, Oumar holds 4 years experience in teaching French to non-native speakers. He lives in Pennsylvania, United States.