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Online Course for Learning French Language

Learn French online at your own pace with lifetime access to recorded tutorials

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Course Highlights

  • Self-paced course with comprehensive 32 videos to learn French
  • 6 documents to aid learning
  • Specially designed for beginners
  • Covers most difficult aspects of French pronunciation
  • Prepared by native, experienced French instructor

About the Course

Language of Instruction: French, English

Course Description

The course provides a lifetime access to 32 online videos, one of the best instructional materials available online for learning French. The repeat viewing helps you learn, assimilate, revise and retain longer. The course will focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhance your French speaking, listening and reading skills
  • Get the difficult French pronunciations covered
  • Get lifetime access to online videos and instructional material


Course Package
  • 32 videos
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • 06 Hand-outs in PDF/Word format


Course Outline

Topic 1
  • Introducing the present tense
  • Words ending in ion
  • Indirect pronouns
  • Want and Can
  • 1st group verbs conjugation at the present tense


Topic 2
  • Building questions in the French language
  • Negative sentences


Topic 3
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Conjugation of the two most important verbs Être and Avoir
  • “there’s nothing to…”


Topic 4
  • All question pronouns (Who, when, why; how…) and building questions with them
  • It + verb = ça + verb
  • Practicing sentences with often, always


Topic 5
  • More vocabulary and practice to master what has been learned so far


Topic 6
  • To go Aller
  • It + verb = ça + verb


Topic 7
  • Verbs are at the WE person


Topic 8
  • Conjugation and use of must: to have to : Devoir
  • Expression “spend time doing something”


 Topic 9
  • Must/ To Have To
  • Expression: “don’t have to…
  • More practice on present tense of all verbs seen so far


 Topic 10
  • Adjectives ending in ble


Topic 11
  • Adverbs


 Topic 12
  • Past Tense: Everything about Le passé compose


Topic 13
  • All verbs seen so far in the passé compose with new ones


Topic 14
  • Future Tense:Everything about LE future


Topic 15
  • All verbs seen so far in the future with new ones


 Topic 16
  • Words ending in aire


Topic 17
  • Expression There’s…. left” intense work on it


Topic 18
  • Expressions starting with AVOIR + practice of the language


Topic 19
  • Immediate Future
  • Imperative Tense


 Topic 20
  • Imperfect Tense: Everything about L’imparfait with extended practice to strengthen the language mastering at all levels
  • Conditional Tense: Everything about Le conditionnel


Who is it for?
Anyone who is looking forward to learn or improve their French should take this course. The course is designed for beginners; however, intermediate students can also take it as a revision class.

Why take the French Learning course?
Knowledge of an additional language is always beneficial. Since this course offers a lifetime access to online videos to learn and revise French, which is seldom provided in any course, it is one of the best ways to learn French.

About the Instructor

Fréjus, France

Stephen Legendre has been teaching French online for more than a decade, making him one of the most experienced French teachers online. With his focus on pronunciation and an approach, which helps learners achieve fluency faster, Stephen has consistently delivered excellent results. Stephen is a native French speaker and a fully qualified UK teacher who holds PGCE and a foreign Language MD.

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