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French Language for English Speakers

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Course Highlights

  • The most comprehensive introduction to French language
  • 20 LIVE interactive online classes + access to all class recordings
  • Designed for beginners | Also suitable for intermediate students
  • Master the pronunciation - Most difficult aspect of learning French

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description


Classes start every 2 weeks. Classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 PM GMT.


Master French, the second-most studied foreign language in the world!


French is the official language of around 29 countries and is the second-most studied foreign language in the world. Estimates put French speakers at around 100 million native speakers and 190 million second language speakers. Learning French can open the doors for you of not only France but also Switzerland, Belgium and even Canada. Whether it is the classical work in French literature, glamorous hangouts in Southern France, permanent residency in Quebec province of Canada, professional work in Paris, living a good life in Marseilles or just wanting to learn the language to impress others, French will bring you opportunities and success. However, French is also one of the hardest languages for English speakers. A lot of words in French are silent. Hence, speaking French needs patience and feedback. A trained and experienced instructor can help you master French quicker and better.


This Beginner level French language course will be instructed by Stephen Legendre, a native French speaker and also fluent in English. The main goal of this course is to help you get the pronunciation and accent of a native speaker. Therefore, speaking, listening and reading will be focused in 70% of the class. Rest 30% will be focused on writing skills which will automatically develop once you get firm hold on spoken aspect, and further strengthen your confidence to speak French better.


What sets this course apart from other French courses is that this is an adaptive course. The instructor will go by your learning speed, giving you enough time to imbibe the language. But this assurance comes with your total commitment towards regular practice and home work completion. In return, by the time you reach Class 18, you will already speak, understand, converse in the French.


Why should you enroll in this course?


  • Pronunciation is the most difficult aspect of learning French, master the same with this course and get closer to speaking like natives
  • All rounded French course - reading, listening, writing and of course, speaking
  • Cost-effective course where you learn in a group of 2, making for good conversations and use of interactive games


What’s in the course:


  • 20 LIVE interactive online classes
  • Access to the recordings of all online classes for unlimited views


Course outline:


Class 1

  • Introducing the present tense
  • Words ending in ion
  • Indirect pronouns
  • Want and Can
  • 1st group verbs conjugation at the present tense


Class 2

  • Building questions in the French language
  • Negative sentences


Class 3

  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Conjugation of the two most important verbs Être and Avoir
  • “there’s nothing to…”


Class 4

  • All question pronouns (Who, when, why; how…) and building questions with them
  • It + verb = ça + verb
  • Practicing sentences with often, always


Class 5

  • More vocabulary and practice to master what has been learned so far


Class 6

  • To go Aller
  • It + verb = ça + verb


Class 7

  • Verbs are at the WE person


Class 8

  • Conjugation and use of must: to have to : Devoir
  • Expression “spend time doing something”


Class 9

  • Must/ To Have To
  • Expression: “don’t have to…
  • More practice on present tense of all verbs seen so far


Class 10

  • Adjectives ending in ble


Class 11

  • Adverbs


Class 12 and 13

  • Past Tense: Everything about Le passé compose
  • All verbs seen so far in the passé compose with new ones


Class 14 and 15

  • Future Tense:Everything about LE future
  • All verbs seen so far in the future with new ones


Class 16 and 17

  • Words ending in aire
  • Expression There’s…. left” intense work on it


Class 18

  • Expressions starting with AVOIR + practice of the language


Class 19

  • Immediate Future
  • Imperative Tense


Class 20

  • Imperfect Tense: Everything about L’imparfait with extended practice to strengthen the language mastering at all levels
  • Conditional Tense: Everything about Le conditionnel


About the Instructor

Fréjus, France


Stephen Legendre has been teaching French for more than a decade. He is one of the most experienced French teachers online and has consistently delivered excellent results with his focus on prounciation. Stephen is a native French speaker and also a fully qualified UK teacher who holds PGCE and a foreign Language MD.

Stephen is using a new powerful method of teaching French in a way through which you can reach conversational level fluency at the earliest. Stephen lives in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

My personal website is


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