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The Financial Simulation Game

Implement key financial policies of the firm aimed at securing the financial objectives

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Course Highlights

  • 10 hours of interactive hands-on experience
  • Carry out simulations in a “gaming” environment
  • Analyse the impact of key management actions on firm’s performance

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English


Course Description

Business simulation gaming is performed to measure the effect on key financial objectives, such as: (i) liquidity (solvency); (ii) the time it takes to recover the initial investment (payback); (iii) the number of units to be sold to start generating profits (break-even); (iv) profitability (Return on Capital Invested (ROI and ROE), and investment appraisal methods (NPV and IRR), brought about by certain boards and management decisions. Such decisions cause investment and management actions as is the case with capital, promotion and advertising, increase or decrease of unit prices, operating costs, and using suppliers credits.

You will be able to carry out simulations in a “gaming” environment and analyse the impact of key management actions on the main indicators of any firm’s performance – based on projected Income Statements and Balance Sheets for 4 years.

Simulations start by, First, looking at the values of key variables, in the projected Cash Flows and Balance Sheets for 4 years.

Second, proceed to calculate the difference in the values of these key objectives and apply corrective managerial actions to bridge the gap between them. This is done by calculating how much to invest further, or by how much to increase prices or decrease costs, or by how much to use suppliers credits.

Third, the outcome of the calculations, obtained in step two, are entered in the Business Game, which links the projected Cash Flows with the projected Income Statements and Balance Sheets for 4 years ahead.

Finish the study and you will be able to measure the impact of key management actions:

• Changes in capital
• Changes in market share
• Changes in unit prices
• Changes in running expenses
• Changes in borrowing and suppliers’ credits

You will see the actions’ effect on the the main indicators of the firm’s financial performance: liquidity, payback, break-even, profitability, Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

About the Instructor

London, United Kingdom

Financial knowledge and skills are needed in every business and organisation. However, learning these knowledge and skills is barred to many individuals for reasons of access and affordability. Entrepreneurs in small & medium businesses are also in need of best affordable and accessible business education to be able to prepare business plans, finance and control the running of the business. They need to be able to discuss convincingly about financial statements and financial strategy with accountants, financial managers, and other stakeholders.
Access barriers are academic qualifications, financial and numerical literacy, having to work instead of study to support the family, geographical location far from urban educational institutions where these are clustered. Affordability barriers are very high price of tuition fees, need to pay for subsistence, books, not being able to study while performing gainful employment. Thus, our vision is to help eliminate these barriers and contribute to human progress, to provide needed business education, at the lowest cost, free of academic obstacles, available anywhere, anytime. Also to foster entrepreneurship, which is widely recognised as a powerful development boosting tool, by offering a framework of financial and accounting theory and analysis to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and create wealth and employment, in their families and in their communities.
Our MISSION is to:
• Provide the best, affordable, accessible, quality business education @ MBA level to the young and growing population of future entrepreneurs and job seekers.
• Help entrepreneurs launch and succeed in their own businesses, learners to find gainful employment, and independent and employed professionals to foster their careers.
• Empower our students by providing knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of running solvent and profitable businesses.


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