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Practice Sabre GDS Online

Practice Sabre System Format Entries Till You Get Employed In The Travel Industry

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Course Highlights

  • Practise Sabre Entries Till You Get Employed In The Travel Industry
  • Make Online GDS Practice Tests At Your Own Time and Convenience
  • Practice At Regular Intervals, once in a week, or Once in a Month
  • Can Take Practice Tests Innumerable Time For Small Fee At Each Attempt

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Practice Sabre GDS Online !


Yes that's right, you can now go on practicing, online and innumerable times, with a small fee for each attempt,



This new and unique feature is designed to keep all new aspiring candidates in the loop of GDS efficiency who have recently completed their GDS course education, in any one of the system as cited above, to hone their GDS skills and never get rusted with non-practice till they get suitably employed in the travel industry.


Following candidates are eligible for this type of online GDS practice:

  • Those who have completed their IATA UFTAA Foundation Course with EBT CD made available to them in their training kit.
  • Those who have completed their IATA UFTAA GDS Fares and Ticketing Course in Sabre
  • Those who have completed their GDS Training in Airlines Reservations and Automated Fares eTicketing courses from either Multiwings or from any other IATA ATC, or Institute, or College, or University from any part of the world.


It is also suitable for experienced GDS users who are currently employed in the travel industry, and especially in any BPO office, to brush their skills and keep themselves up-to-date with latest GDS features and emulations.


The candidates will be extensively tested online in any one of the GDS of their choice from the above cited GDS list for their skills in:

  • Airlines GDS Reservations and PNR Management System Entries
  • Automated Fares eTicketing System Formats


  • The complete course syllabus on which the candidates will be tested for their GDS skills can be viewed at in their choice of GDS.


What are the costs ?


US$ 15/- only for each attempt of 1 hour of intense and sequential GDS Practice, which includes all the final test questions as found in either IATA EBT CD or as in Comprehensive Course as found in our syllabus blog as cited above.


We will activate the relevant content based upon your enrollment criteria.


  • Candidates from India can pay in Indian Rupees at prevailing US$ ROE.


How To Enroll & Other FAQs ?


Send us an email from your registered and active email id only to amar.kewlani(@) with your complete name, alternative email ID (if any), type or sort of travel industry course completed, percentage obtained along with year of passing, complete postal address, city and country with PIN or ZIP codes.


Once we get these details, we will ascertain relevant  practice content for you and send you an payment link to the same email id you sent us your enrollment request with a CC to your alternative email ID in case if you provide the same.


As soon as you make payment using the link provided in your email, we will send you a Login ID and Password and link to download a courseware browser on to your PC on which you will be using your these credentials to start your 1 hour practice in squential order, which means you cannot backtrack the order of questioning and must go on answering till you reach the last question.


For those candidates, who do not have administrative rights to downlaod any software on to their PC's or those who will be attempting the practice from an cybercafe or restricted office IT policy, we will forward them an alternative link where in they can safely practice their GDS skills, without bothering to download and install the courseware browser.


Should in any case you have to interrupt your practice due to various reasons, such as sudden power cut, BSOD, Hardware issues in PCs etc, etc, you would be required to re-login at the next best possible PC availability to you and re-attempt the practice once again right from first question.


Should in case you are left with some minutes after you reach the last question of the practice test, the same can be used to re-login and attempt once again your practice from first question at any time till those minutes get exhausted.


As you all have experience gained while learning a GDS of your choice during your training, 1 hour is more than enough to complete all the GDS questions for practice purpose and it should be completed in that 1 hour of stipulated time, which will eventually prove your GDS operating efficiency.


Should in case if you exhaust your 1 stipulated hour loaded in your practice account before you complete your practice, there is no other way to enhnce the time and you would be required to all once again enroll.


This feature is presented for the benefit of candidates, who have completed their training but would like to keep on practicing their gds skills till they get prospective employed in the travel industry so that their training does not rust in the time interval after their training getting over and by the time they get employment.


The GDS practice can be taken at regular time intervals of either every once in a week, or once in a fortnight, or once in a month, so that the candidates are fully in the loop of a GDS practice and are ready to anwer any GDS query with confidence during their job interviews and also excel at the job right from day 1 of their employment and surprise their seniors and employers with their efficient GDS skills.


Hence take advantage of this new and unique feature and keep on honing your GDS skills.


Be Happy Now By Regular GDS Practice.

About the Instructor

Multiwings WebTravel Academy - Mumbai INDIA
Mumbai, India

Hello Aspiring Candidates,

My name is Amar Kewlani from Mumbai, India.

Admissions are Now OPEN till Mid MAY 2013 for Direct Self Study Enrollment to Mid-SEP 2013 Exams in

Advanced IATA UFTAA GDS Fares and eTicketing Course

To be selected from either Amadeus or Galileo or Sabre Systems

To qualify for direct admission with IATA, one must be experienced on these systems or you need to enroll with us first to get simulated training emulating Amadeus or Galileo or Sabre systems in the following courses:-

1. Airlines Reservations and PNR Management Course
2. Automated Fares and eTicketing Course

For more details contact me personally at the below mentioned address if you are from Mumbai or email me at to show you way forward.

Outstation candidates can attend Online Interactive Classes on WiZiQ or can now pursue the same by enrolling in our online courses, as cited above, and get eligible for Direct enrollment with IATA for self study.

You would be pleased to know that I am perhaps first such Travel Industry Instructor in the whole world having distinction to have been registered with IATA in Montreal (During 2005 & 2007) as an Authorised IATA UFTAA Instructor to impart training in

Advanced IATA UFTAA GDS Fares & eTicketing Courses in Amadeus & Galileo systems

simultaneously at two different locations in the world..i.e. in UK (London) and in India (Pune) from 2005 to 2007 and executed IATA ATC Project Management in Mauritius (2010).

Also pleased to announce that National Award "Shiksha Bharati Puraskar" was presented to me on the occassion of "National Economic Development and Social Responsibilities" on 06th AUG 2011 by All India Achievers Foundation and organised by IEDRA, New Delhi.

Online Interactive Instructions are now available on WiZiQ and on DNL ebooks at unbeleivable low cost pricing in the whole world, in the following courses:-

1. Airlines GDS Reservations and PNR Management course
2. Automated GDS Fares and eTicketing Course

In any one of the six active Global Distribution Systems (GDS/CRS) of the world, such as
Amadeus | Galileo | Abacus | Sabre | Worldspan and Apollo systems

For More Details On Course Syllabus, Visit:

However, the candidate must select only one system for their training, as per its wide usage in their respective countries or regions, as training can be taken only in one GDS at a time.

Looking forward to meet all the attendees at the other side in the LIVE interactive online classes and assist you all in your training to learn airlines reservations and issuing etickets in any one of the GDS of your selection.

Thanking You and with the best of my regards.

Amar Kewlani,
Chief Executive & Instructor
Multiwings WebTravel Academy

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