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The Edupunk Channel : Learn English in a Non-Traditional Way

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Course Highlights

  • Non-traditional ways to improve English Fluency
  • Fun games, activities and videos to improve "Spoken English"
  • Workshops for creating games and how to use WizIQ

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

This course is not accepting enrollments. You can view the new course by George here!


Course Description


This course is a Pre-Beta test for The Edupunk Channel.


What is Edupunk?


Edupunk is a group of counter culture teachers and students that offer experimental classes centered around Fluent Spoken English on WizIQ. More topics will be added over a period of time. Right now, there are about 6 such classes every week (or 25 classes a month) and all focus on improving Spoken English of learners. Of these 6 classes, 2 of them are beginner level, 2 of them intermediate level and 2 of them advanced level. Each of these classes use non-traditional teaching methods like songs, plays, jokes, role plays etc.


This course will give you access to all these LIVE classes till December 2011. You would be able to go back and see the recordings of LIVE classes and also see the recordings of classes you might have missed. You can watch the recordings as many times as you want. You are also expected to be active in upcoming classes.


This course provides you access to all the 3 level classes. You are stretched beyond your comfort zone and hence, learn more, learn faster and learn better. When you enroll for this course you will:


  • You will automatically be enrolled and have access to all classes.
  • You will get access to the recordings of the classes automatically.


Schedule of Edupunk Classes:



Salient points of this course and Edupunk:


  • All classes are non-traditional, with fun activities and games.
  • All who join are required to help others to learn.
  • Anyone can teach, Everyone should teach.
  • This course is dedicated to those who do not or can not take advantage of traditional learning.


Supporting resources for this course:



We do not need them, we only need each other.


About the Instructor

George Machlan
Indiana, United States

We do not need "them", we only need each other.

This group of pilgrims called "The Edupunk" are seeking a new paradigm for online learning. We hold to several core principals:
1. All can teach, all should teach
2. Mistakes and willing to risk mistakes are much prefered over the false goal of perfection.
3. Fun activities and gaming are not only more engaging, they are the key to a sustainable model for learning... anything.
4. Live interaction and group activities create the basis for deep and experiential learning.
5. Accountability and competition is the basis of our community. We build and only associate with leaders who can recognize that they and every member have knowledge to share.

Learning a second language is also an art, yet in most schools, colleges, and universities it's taught as if it were a science. George teaches real English and his style, method is very stimulating, challenging as well as enjoyable. Everybody feels comfortable and happy learning the language. So, it looks like practising English could be fun.

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