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Learn to Blend & Flip with Technology

Learn how to teach with technology in face-to-face, flipped, blended, and fully online programs

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Course Highlights

  • Create Videos Using Screensharing Tools & PowerPoint Presentations
  • Learn How to Teach and Share Information on Social Networks
  • Learn to Teach Online with Moodle, WizIQ, Blogs, Wikis, & Google Drive
  • Create Videos using the Whiteboard on WizIQ & Uploading to YouTube
  • Learn How to Reward & Motivate Participants with Badges

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Many teachers feel alone. They wish they could share information and ideas with other teachers around the globe. This course provides teachers with opportunities to collaborate with other teachers on how to blend and flip their classes with technology.

This is a free hands-on professional development course for educators and/or anyone who wants to share information in a socially meaningful way. The course includes live online classes (with recordings), content (via the courseware), discussions (via the course feed), and hands-on activities.

Participants will learn how to create videos using Webcams via WizIQ classes, screencast-o-matic, PowerPoint presentations, and Google drive. They will upload the video files to Youtube and Vimeo for blended learning, the flipped class, and to market their online courses. Participants will learn how to teach with web technologies such as blogs, wikis, google drive, badges, the WizIQ live class, Moodle, social networks, and videos.

Participants who complete the tasks will receive a certificate of completion.

About the Instructor

Integrating Technology 4 Active Lifelong Learning

Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is an educational organization that offers free or low cost professional development workshops on how to integrate technology for active lifelong learners (IT4ALL) via blended (BL) and blended online learning (BOL) courses, workshops, communities of learning, international collaborative projects, and live online events.

The workshops at IT4ALL promote lifelong and active collaborative learning. This means that participants engage in collaborative social learning by providing ongoing feedback to the other members in the discussion forms.

IT4ALL embraces a life long learning methodology where participants are responsible for taking charge of their own learning. The facilitators will guide and facilitate your learning journey. Please note that online courses are not limited to time or place. You can access the content, interact with the other members and the instructor/s, and work on the assignments at anytime and anywhere.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is a leader and mentor to teachers worldwide on educational technology. She’s an English language teacher (EFL), an online teacher at WizIQ, a faculty member at Atlantic University Masters of Arts in Transpersonal and leadership studies, on the steering committee of TESOL CALL-IS, the program coordinator at WAOE, MOOC and conference organizer, moderator, researcher, writer, speaker, Reiki practitioner, and relationship-based consultant. Nellie provides consultation on Moodle (course and learning management system) and WizIQ. She mentors educators on how to integrate technology into blended, the flipped class, and fully online programs to facilitate instruction and learning.

Nellie has been teaching English to speakers of other languages (EFL) since the mid 70s. She has been integrating technology (computer assisted language learning or CALL) into her classes since the mid 90s. Dr. Deutsch earned her doctorate in education and educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix online with 3 face-to-face residencies in Atlanta, Georgia and Arlington, Virginia. Her dissertation research (available on ProQuest, Amazon) focused on instructor experiences with implementing technology in blended learning courses in higher education around the world. Dr. Deutsch is internationally known as a transformative leader, community builder, an expert in educational technology, coordinator of online professional development courses, and mentor to educators worldwide.

Thomas Hodgers
Valencia, Venezuela

Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach.
Lifelong Learning.
Teaching and Learning Technologies.
Japanese Language and Culture.
The Birth and development of Western Culture.
Eastern Philosophies, Zen Buddhism.

Tom Hodgers
Valencia, Venezuela

Coordinator and Facilitator of Moodle based blended courses at Certificate and Post-graduate Diploma level. University Jose Antonio Paez, Valencia, Venezuela.

Originally from Liverpool, England, Tom has been living in Venezuela for the last 36 years. A retired scientist, he has been a Coordinator and Facilitator at Certificate and Diploma level at the Centro de Extensiones de la Universidad Jose Antonio Paez in Valencia since 2006. He has designed, and teaches bimodal and 100% on-line classes via Moodle and WizIQ (both in English and Spanish) in the area of "Culture and Language" for Japanese, English and Oriental Philosophy. He also gives face-to-face classes in English and Japanese Conversation.

Tom has taken various courses in on-line education over the past few years, specializing in Moodle and WizIQ as LMS', and is a qualified international expert in e-Learning Processes, Digital Media and Moodle (both in English and Spanish). He is currently studying for his Doctorate in e-Learning, from which he hopes to graduate in the summer of 2015. He has also co-facilitated (and still does) the very popular Moodle and ELT-T MOOCS.

Nives Torresi
Fabriano, Italy

Nives Torresi is a Teacher of English as a language, English Literature, English Drama, Business English and English Exam Preparation (Cambridge FCE). She has been Teaching English at High Schools and Elementary / Middle Schools in Italy for over 15 years.
Nives also translates from Italian to English (with a specialization in Business Manuals, History and Medical), works as Interpreter and Mediator for Business negotiations.
Currently also teaches online via the WizIQ platform for English tutoring and participates actively in online Teacher Training or development courses such as M4T Moodle for Teachers, Teaching with Technology, Learn to Blend & Flip with Technology, Action Research Projects to improve Instruction and Learning.
Recent online Presentations include the One Foolish Monkey series on Micro Teaching with co-Teacher Tom Hodgers, CO15 - Conneting Online live Conference - "Understanding Pair Teaching in Micro Teaching Online" with Tom Hodgers.

Upcoming Webinars for IATEFL YLT SIG

My motto "I enjoy what I do and I try to make learning a part of life"



Thanks a lot Nellie for fostering discussion of new tech! For learning & teaching languages, all are most welcome to freely use over 8,000 Language Education programs and ideas integrated at our World CALL Directory; www.CALL4ALL.US ! Enjoy using it with students and staff to improve your teaching/learning in 2015! (JPLoucky)

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112 days 13 hours 15 minutes ago

Zal Zulifa

I still do not know how to start teaching by using Wiziq system. I do appreciate if you guide me ho to do further. I have already put my teaching material in Wiziq library, but in time I want to use for visual class the material can not be accessed.

123 days 10 hours 47 minutes ago


Dr. Nellie is an enthusiastic, sincere, awesome, outgoing, experienced online and in-class teaching/learning facilitator.. i am very happy to be trained on this as i am teaching english language in secondary school so it will be very important to me. big up Madam very great...

141 days 10 hours 46 minutes ago

Brenda Lee

Is this course free? I paid for this wiz Q program and was very disappointed with the help and with the software. I didn't learn anything about this software. However, I feel that it was a waste on money.

232 days 22 hours 57 minutes ago

Stephan Hughes

Trying to enroll but not sure how to get in

234 days 5 hours 41 minutes ago

Giselle Pempedjian

should we work in this course?

288 days 10 hours 39 minutes ago

María Marcela Barrueto

I'd like to participate in this course, when and what time will it be?

302 days ago


It sounds just great. Is it free when and at what time is it?

323 days 11 hours 44 minutes ago


how can i write the objective of a literature lesson ?may i have samples?

323 days 11 hours 49 minutes ago


I sounds just great is it free and at awhat time is it?

325 days 5 hours 34 minutes ago

Reeta Sonawat

It sounds doable but still scared to use technology to teach. The question is if it fails than what? You have made your position as a face to face teacher now shifting online worries be if I will not be successful.

326 days 1 hours 7 minutes ago

Dr. Jessica Oura

Sounds great! When does the course start?

326 days 8 hours 40 minutes ago

Sivarama Sarma

Hi, I understood that this course is started from NOV 2013 and it is in final stage. I have got an email about it on today. So, can I do this or not. Please advice me.

326 days 14 hours 38 minutes ago

Halina Ostankowicz- Bazan

Dr. Nellie is an enthusiastic, sincere, awesome, outgoing, experienced online and in-class teaching/learning facilitator. It is my great pleasure to have taken part in many of her online programs and I found her to be highly knowledgeable in supporting students’ involvement and education.
Furthermore, it looks like she never sleeps, as every time I openSee more

329 days 6 hours 39 minutes ago

Susan Dixon

I think a link to the course syllabus would be a nice addition on this "About Course" page.
Anyone else think so?

461 days 23 hours 41 minutes ago

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