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IIT Preparation : The Secret of Success

Get Top Rank by Working Hard the Smart Way!

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Course Highlights

  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • End Moment Preparation
  • Balancing IIT Prep with Board Exams
  • Building Self Confidence

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Hard work isn’t enough when preparing for IIT-JEE. That’s why so many serious IIT aspirants do not make it through, despite their hard work and effort. A team of 200 IIT students who have already cracked the IIT exam [and are studying in an IIT] make sure this does not happen with you.

This course will equip you with the systematic methodology, improved aptitude, motivation and confidence to crack IIT-JEE. And, give you access to the wisdom and knowledge of an advisory board comprising of the Elite Top 50 Rankers.


Get Mentored by Jitendra Reddy - ALL INDIA RANK 01 - IIT-JEE-2010


Jitendra Reddy - AIR 01 - IIT Mumbai

Jitendra Reddy, Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai, 2010


Secret Tip 01: Most students study hard during the night. This means they are sluggish during the early morning period. This is the time when IIT exam starts. Hence, one week before the exam, switch to start your day early, sleep early.



This Crash course for IIT-JEE preparation focuses meticulously on preparing students to work hard smartly. Through different sessions of mentoring and counseling, we help students build strength and prepare strategies to overcome weakness. Sessions are crafted to meet each students need.


Other Mentors

AIR-005-Vipul-Singh-IIT-Mumbai                                                       Nitish Jhawar - 7- IIT Mumbai

Vipul Singh, AIR 05, IIT-JEE 2010                                     Nitish Jhawar, AIR 07, IIT-JEE 2010

Now @ IIT-Mumbai                                                                  Now @ IIT-Mumbai


Neeraj 021 IIT Mumbai                                                        Japnik Singh AIR 25 Comp Science

Neeraj Toshniwal, AIR 21, IIT-JEE 2010                                     Japnik Singh, AIR 25, IIT-JEE 2010

                          Now @ IIT-Mumbai                                                                  Now @ IIT-Mumbai

The mentoring will cover topics like Time Management, Stress Management, Panic Eradication, Developing a Schedule, Importance of Physical Exercises, End Moment Preparation, Balancing IIT Preparation with Board Exams, Attempting the Question Paper among others. These aspects are not taught by most coaching academies and make all the difference. Further, this course will also address issues like Low Self Confidence, Handling Peer Pressure, Puzzling Emotional States, Handling Teen Relationships, Controlling use of Alcohol or Drugs, Focusing, Making Better Decisions and Career Guidance.


Enroll for this course and learn the secret to win over IIT-JEE with confidence! All you need is a computer/ laptop with Internet connection and a headset. We will help you setup your system before the course starts, so that you experience zero downtime.


Course Schedule:


Every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM, starting January 3rd 2011.


Session 1 January 3, 2011 7 PM
Session 2 January 4, 2011 7 PM
Session 3 January 10, 2011 7 PM
Session 4 January 11, 2011 7 PM
Session 5 January 17, 2011 7 PM
Session 6 January 18, 2011 7 PM
Session 7 January 24, 2011 7 PM
Session 8 January 25, 2011 7 PM
Session 9 January 31, 2011 7 PM
Session 10 February 01, 2011 7 PM
Session 11 February 07, 2011 7 PM
Session 12 February 08, 2011 7 PM
Session 13 February 14, 2011 7 PM
Session 14 February 15, 2011 7 PM
Session 15 February 21, 2011 7 PM
Session 16 February 22, 2011 7 PM
Session 17 February 28, 2011 7 PM
Session 18 March 01, 2011 7 PM
Session 19 March 07, 2011 7 PM
Session 20 March 08, 2011 7 PM



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Raipur, India

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