Courses / iPhone App Development : XCode, Cocoa Framework, JQuery & PhoneGap

iPhone App Development : XCode, Cocoa Framework, JQuery & PhoneGap

Most comprehensive & thorough course to pick up iPhone/iPAD App Development without iOS background

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Course Highlights

  • Covers XCode, JQuery, HTML, CSS, PhoneGap & Cocoa
  • Lots of example, live code demonstration, real-life analogies
  • Instructor with 3 decades of training experience
  • Delivered official trainings for Oracle University & Borland Corp EMEA

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description


This course is aimed at those who are totally new to - iOS 6 - iPhone / iPad App Development.


Usually iPhone and iPAD App development programs start and end with native app development experiences whereas this program starts with native app development but moves quickly to cross-platform mobile app development. The real advantage is that the cross-platform mobile app development experience could be used in mobile app development environments such as Android, Windows Phone 8, Symbian and so on.


How is this Program Helpful ?

  • This program helps you understand the basics of iOS app development environment using Apple Mac Pro, Apple iMac or Apple Mac Mini.
  • This program helps you familiarize with the Xcode IDE which is unique in many counts.
  • You may be familiar with Object Oriented Programming using C++, Java or C# but Object Oriented Programming is quite different in the Objective C world.
  • After gaining confidence in Objective C and Foundation Framework, you would be exposed to Model View Controller pattern used in Cocoa Touch Framework with interesting examples to make them run on iPhone / iPad emulator.
  • Until this point the program would sail through the native programming environment. From here, the programming experience would move from native world to web.
  • The participants will learn how to prepare Apache Server on Mac system to host HTML5, CSS3 pages for iPhone emulator to access these pages as a mobile.
  • Then comes JQuery mobile, one of the most revolutionary APIs in the world of Cross-platform mobile application development.
  • Finally the participants will learn how to use PhoneGap (now known as Apache Cordova) for the development of true Cross-Platform Mobile App Development.


The course package:


  • 24 hours of LIVE interactive online classes
  • Interact LIVE with the teacher through audio/ video + text chat
  • See the instructor’s screen in LIVE screen sharing exericses
  • Classes held on weekdays - 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM EST or 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM EST (6 - 8 AM/ 6 - 8 PM IST)
  • Access to class recordings
  • Review and revise any number of time
  • Daily Sessions: 2 hours a day


The course outline:


  • Module 01: Mac OS / iOS development environment
  • Module 02: Xcode IDE
  • Module 03: Object Oriented Programming with Objective C
  • Module 04: Foundation Framework
  • Module 05: MVC model and Cocoa Touch Framework
  • Module 06: Apache Server setup for Mac OS hosting HTML 5 and CSS 3 pages
  • Module 07: JQuery Mobile Declarative UI
  • Module 08: JQuery Mobile Event Handling
  • Module 09: AJAX and Web Services using JQuery Mobile
  • Module 10: PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) Installation
  • Module 11: PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) JQuery Mobile App Development – Part 01
  • Module 12: PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) JQuery Mobile App Development – Part 02


About the Instructor

Subhash Edakkuda


The program is delivered by a veteran who brings about three decades of training experience that include delivering official training programs for Oracle University North America and Borland Corporation EMEA.

He holds the following certifications:

  • Java Certified Professional from Sun Microsystems
  • Java EE Certification from Borland Corporation
  • IT Infrastructure Library Certification from EXIN


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