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ISB Leadership Summit 2015: Designing a Better India

3 day conclave that stimulates innovative ideas and insightful discussions

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  • Organized by: Indian School of Business
  • Dates to remember: 6th, 7th and 8th November, 2015
  • Theme: Strategy Next: Designing a Better India

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Language of Instruction: English

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Technology and expansion of businesses have transformed the world into a global village. It unites in both its opportunities and problems, and this in turn transforms the strategy concerns facing a nation. This calls for a re-examination of India’s growth trends, its current policy framework, unique geopolitical & cultural position, current industry configuration and its investment prospects.

This discussion must culminate in reasonable forecasts, tangible solutions and feasible implementation techniques. In short, we seek to answer the looming, What Next question. This would enable us to explore a plethora of germane questions such as : Where do we see ourselves going in the future, what policy changes may help turn movements such as 'Make in India' into a success, how can India answer the challenge of slow growth in infrastructure and manufacturing, what are the exciting industries to be in and why, where is e-commerce heading, which R&D can we bring to India, what may be the implications of Euro Crisis and how can India ensure better living standards for future generations. The key output of this discussion would be a whitepaper about the issues uncovered and the solutions generated.

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