Courses / Get 6 Months Diploma in Hospitality from Canada

Get 6 Months Diploma in Hospitality from Canada

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Course Highlights

  • Six months distance education program
  • Diploma from reputed Canadian institute
  • Join any time during the year
  • Course material will be provided
  • Final exams at Chandigarh, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai - India Centre *

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Objective

This course is for any person who has completed his/ her 12th standard with competent English, with or without experience in Hospitality. There is no age bar and it's best for anyone interested in pursuing their education in Canada after successful completion of the program.

Course Description

The Hospitality Management Diploma program provides a well-rounded curriculum geared to provide initial employment skills and the potential for future management growth. Studies focus on general business management courses applied to hotel and restaurant settings. Additionally the training consists of hospitality management courses, including food and beverage cost controls, human resources, marketing, law, tour operations, management principles, labour relations and a Hotel Simulation course.


The diploma program also provides transfer opportunities to third year degree programs at Canadian Universities inclusive of the University of Victoria, University of Calgary, Ryerson, Guelph and University of New Brunswick as well as specialized transfer arrangements with LaTrobe University in Australia and Cornell University in the USA.


This program is offered by Maple Care, as sole representative for whole Indian Territory and in association of one of the top notch Consultant from Canada, which has been facilitating distance education programs of study to students provincially, nationally, and internationally for more than 10 years. Students who obtain certificates and or diplomas have full access to post secondary options both within Canada and abroad.


International students are welcome to register with the Learning Centre. An international student is defined as a non-Canadian resident. A cousellor will be assigned to assist all international students who are accepted.


Distance education program


This program has been designed to allow students the opportunity to pursue Canadian post secondary programs while living in their country of origin. This course provides Canadian based training in Hospitality and can be completed at home. On Completion of the course the students have a Canadian recognized and accredited diploma which allows them the opportunity get noticed by Canadian establishments.


Career Development Assistance


This program is designed to give students an opportunity to gain Canadian Based skills in order to locate and employment opportunities within Canada. All graduates of this program will be automatically enrolled in the Employment assistance program which will conduct the following support for students:


Upon completion each student will be assigned an employment counsellor who will conduct a thorough review of each student’s resume and edit it so as to present their newly acquired skills and qualifications to employers from a Canadian perspective


We will also conduct an online interview session with students to make sure they feel comfortable with responding to interview questions. These will be conducted in a few ways; we run webinars which involve all the key preparations areas for successfully accessing the Canadian labour market. Students will be invited to attend any which they feel would be of interest to them.


Students will be taught and guided through the process of creating a video resume. Many of the employers we work with love it as it gives them a chance to see the applicant which in Canada is very important to the process of looking for work.  On completion, students video resumes will be uploaded to the employer view website where employers will be able to review applicants. Through their employment counsellor students will have full support with the development of their scripts and assistance in creating the video resume.


Once the student’s resume and video resume is complete and we feel that they will be comfortable speaking with employers we will begin the process of referring students to our employer data base while continuing to provide coaching and support to in the process of speaking to employers about working for them.


We will also act on student’s behalf in talking to employers and will act as their contact as many of the employers will want to speak with someone with respect to verifying their skills and credentials.


Continue your Education in Canada


As the course in the program are fully accredited many students move to Canada to continue their studies. The counsellors will provide assistance to these students in the following manner:


The counsellor will review the student’s transcripts and academic profile and will provide a recommendation list of institutions for the student to consider.


The counsellor will assist the student in choosing a specific course for study which will be consistent with the educational goals of the student.


The counsellor will contact the school or choice and will begin the process of enrolling the student in the program of choice


The counsellor will complete an individual education plan for the student. Upon arrival in Canada and commencement of studies the student will be enrolled in the employment program assisting the student with securing employment so as to supplement their income while attending full time studies.


About the Instructor

Maple Care The Consultants
Chandigarh, India

Maple Care is a Consulting service provider, owned by Ms. S. Punia, a Law Graduate, since February 2004, as Sole Proprietor, for families, individuals and groups seeking to visit, work, study or do business for permanent residency and immigration to foreign countries for change and upgrade their LIFE STYLES. We have especialisation in providing Work visa in around more than 100s (Hundreds) of Pressure Occupations in Canada for Alberta and British Columbia Provinces, with further guidance and post landing help and services for our clients on work visa.

We have launched FIRST TIME ever in INDIA, Canadian Distance Education Programmes. These course provides Canadian based training and can be completed at home. On Completion of the course the students have a Canadian recognized and accredited diploma which allows them the opportunity get noticed by Canadian establishments.

Shortly, we are going to start International Nurses Registration Training and other upgradation courses / training for Canada.

Right now we are providing in-house IELTS and Spoken English training for prospective clients for going abroad. We have Affiliation / Exclusive Representation / Authority with top notch Consultants / LEGAL Experts ,in all regions, especially in Canada, tie up with CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) Members, which are matched to the individual case requirements as per need. Having access to a very large ONLINE data base of employers, colleges, universities and human resource personnel experienced to stream line and direct the skills and education of all the clients in a calculated and professional way.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, we have launched, online (from CANADA), "Working in Canada Training Programme" to gain employment opportunity / Job Offer, after attending 6 weeks' programme. Program is for ALL skilled professionals, Prospective Immigrants/ Immigrants having degree/ diploma with 3 to 4 yrs of experience & Good English btw. 18&52 yrs.


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