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Rebranding Digital Citizenship -It’s Not an Add On, It’s How You Teach

A Live webinar on May 12th, 2pm EST, with Tanya Avrith

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Course Highlights

  • Meet Digital Citizenship Consultant, Tanya Avrith
  • Gain valuable insight on empowering stakeholders in the digital age
  • Strategies for implementing an effective digital citizenship program
  • Class recording and slides available to all enrollees

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Having a concrete digital citizenship plan is critical for all stakeholders (students, teachers, administrators and parents) when rolling out devices. However, digital citizenship education is much more than teaching our students about appropriate use of technology. While there are valid concerns about how it is used, it is our responsibility as educators to embrace the medium and teach our students how to harness it in a positive and meaningful way.

Do your students understand how to use technology in a safe and responsible way? Are they creating and collaborating with the world?

In this webinar Tanya Avrith addresses a framework to get started with teaching digital citizenship in your class/school which focuses on concrete strategies for teachers, students and parents. Learn ideas on how you can begin to teach your students how to build their digital identities and become caring citizens of a connected world using social media and the web.

Who Should attend

All School Stakeholders: Administrators, Teachers and Parents

Date and Time : May 12th at 2 pm EST

Duration : 60 minutes

About the Instructor

Tanya Avrith
Montreal, Canada

Tanya Avrith M.A. EdTech is an Innovation Specialist, Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. Tanya helps lead change by working with educators, parents, K-12 and college students as a full time pedagogical consultant with Amplified IT. Tanya previously served as the Lead Educational Technology and Digital Citizenship Teacher at the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal, Canada. While there, Tanya was instrumental in the vision and execution of the district wide Digital Citizenship Program ( which resulted in her being invited to Facebook headquarters to discuss Digital Citizenship education. Tanya has presented to thousands of educators, students, and parents from all over Canada and the United States addressing strategies for learning how to harness the power of social media.

She facilitated the deployment and professional development of 1:1 initiatives including Macbooks, iPads and Chromebooks as well as the adoption of Google Apps for Education for her district. Tanya’s passion stems from a strong desire to effect change and inspire others to explore how they can use the technology to help differentiate individual students' needs, provide a vehicle for collaboration and allow for deeper purpose and voice in student learning. 


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