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Social Media in Education: Philosophy and Practice

A live session with Tosca Killoran, hosted by Fluency MC

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Course Highlights

  • Gain an understanding of the current social media landscape
  • Learn what impact this has for educators worldwide
  • Build your knowledge of various social media tools
  • Become comfortable using social media tools with your students
  • Live webinar on March 04 at 2pm UTC

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

This free professional development webinar by IB Educator, author, and TEDx organizer, Tosca Killoran is for all teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of social media in education. The live webinar is one-hour long and takes place on March 4, 2015 at UTC. Slides and a video recording of this session will be available to all who enroll.

In this webinar, you will learn:

With the growing ubiquity of social media there has been no other time in history when so many people have so easily shared so much with so many. This has created a distinct shift in our social landscape as it redefines how educators communicate and choose to connect with others in our field. As this inevitable merger between our physical and digital lives progresses, various challenges become apparent. One of these is the friction between the fear of the hidden dangers of social media and the desire to leverage these tools for our learners.

In this session, we’ll look at the current climate of social media, how it relates to us as educators, how to develop a social media policy/philosophy and the strengths and limitations of such tools as, Twitter, Vine, Line, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more.

About the presenter : 

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe since 2000. Currently, she is a digital learning coach at NIST in Bangkok. As a doctoral candidate, Tosca’s published research focuses on innovation in education. She co-founded ED-ucation Publishing in order to help drive education forward with technology. Her published children’s books ground the use of EDTech in citizenship. She founded TEDxYouth@BISTEDxYouth@NIST and works with TEDx as well as other organizations such as Meatless Monday, and Taking it Global in order to create opportunities for youth to become empowered change agents. 

About the Webinar Series:

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WizIQ Featured Teachers is a webinar series showcasing the work of the world’s most passionate and engaging educators.

Our commitment: to provide free, continuing professional development to teachers around the world through the live, virtual classroom.

Your host is WizIQ Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer, Jason R. Levine, also known as Fluency MC.

New Featured Teacher Webinars are added on a continual basis. You can also join past webinars to have full access to the class recordings and to download the slide decks.

Every webinar is free and open to all teachers. Before the webinar begins, feel free to ask questions and make comments in the Course Feed. If you cannot attend the live webinar, you can watch the class recording at a more convenient time.


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About the Instructor

Tosca Killoran
SINGAPORE, Singapore

Tosca Killoran has been teaching in the IB international community in Asia and Europe since 2000. Currently, she is a digital learning coach at NIST in Bangkok. As a doctoral candidate, Tosca’s published research focuses on innovation in education. She co-founded ED-ucation Publishing in order to help drive education forward with technology. Her published children’s books ground the use of EDTech in citizenship. She founded TEDxYouth@BIS, TEDxYouth@NIST and works with TEDx as well as other organizations such as Meatless Monday, and Taking it Global in order to create opportunities for youth to become empowered change agents.

Fluency MC
NEW YORK, United States

Jason R Levine (Fluency MC) has eighteen years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. He has led student workshops and teacher training programs in sixteen countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

After earning a master’s in TESOL from Hunter College in 1999, Jason taught at several schools before becoming the director of curriculum development at Embassy English. In 2002, he co-founded a business English and test preparation school in New York City.

Jason conducts workshops for English students and teachers worldwide through Oremis Plaisir d’apprendre, Gallery Languages, and the U.S. Department of State.
He is the creator of the English Workout Method, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC. He also writes for Oxford University Press and works as a trainer and consultant at Linguaid. In 2013, he created and launched ELT Techniques, the first live MOOC for English language teachers.

Jason maintains the Fluency MC YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram accounts. He is an active administrator of many Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including Innovative Teachers of English, Teachers Teaching Online, Fluency MC Workshops in France and Belgium, and Gallery Languages Rhyme On Time Workshops.

Please contact Jason through his website:



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