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  • "I am satisfied with my SQL course. The instructor led environment on WizIQ was a win. " ~Renu, United States
  • "I am happy with WizIQ technology courses. I started with a basic SQL course and ended up taking 5 advanced courses on VB, SQL and Business Intelligence. In future, I am looking for more courses to supplement my school subjects" ~Andy, United Kingdom
  • "I am now going to learn .Net LIVE with an instructor for only $20. I am excited." ~Vijay, United States

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Technology and Programming Online

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The technology landscape undergoes constant, drastic change. This manic pace places tremendous pressure on professionals to continuously update their skills, despite busy schedules and erratic lifestyles.


Students have a different problem. They need qualified teachers for the latest technology trends, not teachers who are stuck in the past.


WizIQ’s Technology and Internet courses offer a convenient alternative for both professionals and students. You learn LIVE from qualified and experienced teachers, including hands-on practice using WizIQ’s screen sharing for your coding and designing assignments.


Whether you’re learning a programming language (Java, .Net, C++, PERL, HTML 5, etc.), software (Photoshop, InDesign, Virtual Classroom, etc.), or a technical topic like the Android Operating System, we have a course for you.