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  • Wow! Did I learn a lot from Mike Klinger's Sibelius 7 class and I have been using Sibelius for years. Mike's lessons dug deep into the program showing me so many facets of Sibelius I never knew.~ Pete Lewis
  • There is nobody that knows the music software programs on the market better than Mike Klinger. His teaching methods guarantee that you will come away with a firm understanding of the software after just a short class. ~ Steven Robertson
  • Mike, despite a few rocky patches along the way, your Intro to Sibelius 7 course was fabulous. It gave me all the necessary tools to begin building a body of working knowledge on this program. ~Rob

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Music Technology by Mike Klinger

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Mike Klinger has over 28 years experience in music technology with over 5,000 music teachers from all over the world haven studied with him. He is the owner of The Synthesis Midi Workshop located in Carson, WA which specializes in educational sales in music technology items and is the home of The Mike Klinger Music Technology Retreat Center


Music technology is connected to both artistic and technological creativity. Musicians are constantly striving to devise new forms of expression through music, and physically creating new devices to enable them to do so. Although the term is now most commonly used in reference to modern electronic devices such as a monome, the piano and guitar may also be said to be early examples of music technology. In the computer age however, the ontological range of music technology has greatly increased, and it may now be mechanical, electronic, software-based or indeed even purely conceptual.