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I never thought it would be so much fun to learn Guitar online. I am able to collaborate with the instructor no matter where he is touring and also download the musical notes as he composes them. I am not planning to take a basics of music theory course too!
~Nick, United States

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Music, Musical Instruments & Music Software

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"Music is to the soul what words are to the mind"


If you are preparing for a music theory exam or want to learn a musical instrument, WizIQ is the right place for you! You learn with world renowned instructors. And, with these specially designed courses learning music is fun and easy.


We have wide range of courses to help you learn how to play musical instruments and learn basics of music theory for your placement exams or research. Don't let inhibitions bog you down. Learners from across the world, young and small, men and women, are enrolled in these courses.


If you are still unsure how you can learn online or you can't find an online course of your choice, write to us at and we would have a student counselor work with you directly to help you achieve your learning goals.