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  • "I am learning Spanish with WizIQ. My course is progressing well. Thank you WizIQ! " ~Abhirupa, India
  • I rate the knowledge gained in the Russian Speaking Class as 5/5. I also highly recommend my teacher." ~Flip, Amsterdam
  • "The experience of learning Turkish with a native Turkish speaker on WizIQ has been great so far." ~Alanood, Middle East
  • "I am looking forward to my German course on WizIQ." ~Muhammad Asif, UAE

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"He who does not know another language does not know his own! ~Goethe”


Never has this been truer than today. In a world growing smaller, knowing a foreign language helps you travel, do business, and make new friends. With so many determined to broaden their horizon, there are plenty of self-help materials, books, and audio lessons available. However, these methods often fail for one reason.


The best way to learn a language is to learn it from someone good at it.


WizIQ’s language courses are run by experienced teachers. You learn in LIVE classes, from qualified and experienced teachers, during speaking, reading, and writing exercises. Your instructor also immerses in the native culture as much as possible, to help you appreciate the language better.


Whether you’re learning Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, French, Dutch, Hindi, German or Russian, we have a course for you.


Professionals and students all over the world have achieved their educational, professional, and personal goals on WizIQ. So why not you too? Choose a course and enroll yourself, or let our expert student counselors guide you toward fulfilling your learning needs. You’ll find it all on WizIQ.