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  • "WizIQ has been a tremendous help for me. I don't need to travel and I can practice with an experienced teacher right from my home. Blessing indeed!" ~Lia, United States
  • "WizIQ found me a Telugu speaking teacher who helped me speak English fluently. After 20 LIVE classes using WizIQ Virtual Classroom, I now speak English confidently Thank you!" ~Venkat, Hyderabad, India

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English Language

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Self-help materials, videos, and animated games can help you learn a new language, but mostly as a supplement. Nothing replaces the guidance, correction, and motivation of a knowledgeable teacher.


WizIQ offers the most broad and comprehensive collection of LIVE Online English Language courses in the world. Whether you’re learning English as a second language, preparing for the TOEFL iBT or IELTS, wanting an American accent, brushing up on Business English, improving your writing skills, or studying English literature, we have a course for you.


Students all over the world have achieved their educational, professional, and personal goals on WizIQ. So why not you too? Choose a course and enroll yourself, or let our expert student counselors guide you toward fulfilling your learning needs. You’ll find it all on WizIQ.