Teachers, Get New Students with LearnerConnect

Now Public Classes, Courses and Tests can help you contact students potentially interested in learning from you.

LearnerConnect offers you the best way to connect with serious, targeted students who have a learning need.

What can teachers do with LearnerConnect?

  • Contact the students who expressed interest in your courses.
  • See the students who registered for your Classes and attempted your Tests
  • Teachers can access a learner’s:

- Profile information such as name, learning needs, educational qualification, etc.

- Details, like activity between you and the learner

Benefits of LearnerConnect

Contact learners Instantly
Students express interest in your courses and pre-agree to receive messages from you, so you can get in touch with them instantly.
High Relevance
Generate student leads through your Public Classes, Tests and invite them as contacts.
Complete Independence
You don't need a marketing team - you can do it yourself

Who is it for?

LearnerConnect is designed for all teachers, institutes, trainers, coaches, tutors, consultants and experts who want to gain student/customer leads to enhance their teaching business.

How does it work?

  • For Courses:You can setup courses on WIZIQ. Students express interest in your courses and pre-agree to receive messages from you, so you can add them to your contact list in a single click. After that you can communicate with them through WizIQ’s messaging system.
  • For Classes and Tests:Deliver Public Classes, create Public Tests and check the list of students who registered for your classes or attempted your tests. Choose potential learners and send contact invitation to add them to your contact list. If accepted, they automatically enter your contact list - you can communicate with them through WizIQ’s messaging system.

Note: Free users can also purchase LearnerConnect credits at $1 per Learner Connect to contact the learners.

LearnerConnect vs. other lead generation methods

  • Your student is familiar with you and your services – you have a greater chance to sell
  • You can pick and choose whom you want to contact
  • You can run the entire process yourself without depending on a marketing person

LearnerConnect Best Practices

  • Contact learners, who have earlier registered for your online classes, expressed interest in your courses or attempted your tests
  • Contact learners who recommended you by leaving a positive feedback or commented about your class - This builds trust among your learners
  • Contact learners whose profiles you have checked for details like:
    • Last log-in date
    • Activity between you and the learner
  • Set Public Class for a day and time when you can expect maximum turnout
  • Tag Public Class or Public Test with appropriate keywords, like name of the topic or exam
  • Lastly, when you invite students to be your contacts, write a personal message that is relevant to their learning needs

The key is, more Public activities you do on WizIQ, the better you are at finding relevant learners.


Where can I see a list of potential learners for my public classes, tests and courses?

List of potential learners for your classes, tests and courses is neatly organized at one place so that you can pursue learners conveniently. From My Network select Potential Learners, and see the detailed list of learner leads.

How qualified are the contact leads I get through LearnerConnect?

The leads generated through Public Classes, Courses and Public Tests are the members that sign-up for your class, attempt your test, view your tutorial or express interest in your course and thus qualify as good leads to follow up.

What can I do to get more contact leads?

Setup courses on WIZIQ, give more Public Classes, create more Public Tests, and upload more Public Tutorials. The members who know you or show interest in your services are more likely to respond to your invites.

How much more do I get to know about the lead acquired through LearnerConnect?

Along with the information that the learner provides in their profile, you also see learner's last log-in date, activity between you and the learner and whether the learner’s email address is verified. We do not however, disclose the learner's e-mail address to you.

Can I purchase more LearnerConnects if my balance gets exhausted?

Yes, you can purchase additional LearnerConnects if you use all credits for that month.

Do I need to give a Public Class to collect leads?

Yes, you should give a Public Class. The students who’ve already registered for your class are more likely to become your paid students.

Where can I read the terms and conditions for using LearnerConnect?

Click herefor all terms and conditions for using LearnerConnect.

Where can I discuss LearnerConnect with other teachers?

You can add your questions, opinions, feedback or comments to this discussion: LearnerConnect - A New Way to Get More Students!

Can I contact learners using LearnerConnect, if I am a free user?

Yes, the free users can contact learners using the LearnerConnect. They can buy the LearnerConnect credit and use that to contact learners.