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  • Network with other teachers and experts for tips and advice
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Active Communities

English Language Community

The goal of this community is to provide a platform where you find educational resources for Learning English Language, and also provide a medium for members to discuss their questions or queries about English Language.

Come join this community, to keep your up to date on what is happening in English Language Learning and Teaching, on WizIQ.

Project Management Community

Management Learning and Training never stops. In fact successful project managers are continually upgrading their skills. In increasingly busy schedules, taking time out to attend Management Development Programs is difficult. In this scenario, online training : convenient and self paced, is a viable option.

Come join this community and keep yourself updated about the latest project management practices and network with other professionals worldwide.

The CAT Test Preparation Community

Join this Community to learn the tips and tricks of CAT, through online classes, online tests, online tutorials and expert teachers, as well as how to attempt the online test. We will keep you posted on the latest learning material - mostly free and also provide you a platform to discuss your questions, queries and questions.

This community will guide you through the whole process : preparation strategy, tips and tricks, last minute help, group discussions and personal interviews.

Online Teaching : The e-Teaching Community

Internet enabled technologies, tools and platforms are revolutionizing the education industry. A variety of web conferencing solutions, virtual classrooms, online tests platforms, content sharing, blogging softwares, document editing solutions and networking websites have powered many a teachers to use these powerful mediums to connect with other learners and teachers. In addition, many higher educational institutions, test preparation organizations and tutoring companies [not to mention individual tutors] are teaching on the Internet. This is the new way of teaching : convenient, cost effective and fun.

Come join this community to network with other teachers and experts, get suggestions on how to get started, how to build your business, how to use different tools and how to engage your students. You can also share your own tips and keep up to date on teacher training programs.

PowerPoint Learning Community

PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools used to create content - more than 500 million users of PowerPoint create 30 million presentations everyday! PowerPoint is widely used by educators, trainers, students and business professionals. But few users know the true power of this amazing software.

The goal of this community is to help members learn about the features and uses of PowerPoint, the latest happenings in the PowerPoint world and discuss best practices.

Learn Spanish: The Spanish Language Learning Community

Spanish is the second most spoken language in United States and is spoken by over 12% of the population. Spanish Language is also becoming important with regards to business. In addition, the influence of Hispanic culture is increasing in United States with the Hispanic speaking community being amongst the fastest growing market segment. Spanish is popular in other countries and continents too with Spanish fast emerging as a global language. It is the second most popular language in Europe and fourth most spoken in the world. Spanish is an official language on four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries.

The Spanish Community on WizIQ will be a meeting place for Spanish teachers and learners. You can find help from teachers and public materials to develop your Spanish skills for your school exam, travel or business needs.

The IIT-JEE Engineering Entrance Exam Community

The IIT-JEE community on WizIQ is a meeting place for all the aspirants of IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance examinations in India (like AIEEE, CET's from respectives states etc.). In 2009, close to 400,000 students appeared for IIT-JEE and close to 1 million students appeared for AIEEE. Only a handful of them got admission to the seven old IIT's and other prestigious Institutes.

The aim of this community is to provide all the aspirants with the support and guidance, to help them prepare better for their examinations. Join this community to interact with teachers and fellow students to clarify your doubts, tutoring for particular topics or just benchmarking where you stand. When you join, you will also get notifications by email of all upcoming preparation classes on IIT-JEE subjects as well as practice tests to assess yourself.

PMT Medical Entrance Exam Community

This community is a meeting place for all aspirants of The All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and other medical entrance examinations in India [like CBSE-PMT, AFMC, CMC, DUMET, JIPMER, MHT-CET, Karnataka - CET, KEAM 2009, AIIMS, ENAT, BHU PMT etc.

The aim of this community is to provide all the aspirants of medical entrance examinations with a comfortable online environment and guidance, to help them prepare better for their examinations You can join this community to post your doubts and queries for help from teachers and also interact with fellow aspirants on test news and tips. When you join, you will also get notifications by email of all upcoming preparation classes as well as practice tests to assess yourself on medical entrance examination topics from all the three subjects : Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

Vedic Maths - The Vedic Mathematics Community

Vedic Maths is based on sixteen general principles, involving many ways in which they can be applied. These principles can also be used independently or in combination to solve many mathematical and analytical problems. The Vedic Mathematics community on WizIQ will help you learn about these principles and provide insights on how to apply them to solve quantitative problems faster. This would be useful for students preparing for GMAT, GRE, CAT, IAS and other such examinations, which have a quantitative component.

The community would feature live online classes, recordings, tests, tutorials and interactive discussions, from all around the world, moderated by experts. If you don't want to be actively involved, you can choose to get a periodic notification on the activity in the community.

The Health Education Community

The Health Education Community on WizIQ is a one-stop destination to get updates about expert lectures on topics related to fitness, meditation, Yoga, exercises and nutrition. You will also find interesting quizzes and reference tutorials. In addition, you can participate in lively and active community discussions on your health queries or needs.

This community will put you in touch with expert lifestyle, health, nutrition and exercise coaches as well. You can also choose to receive periodic updates showcasing the very best from health education on WizIQ, as a member of this community. Edfit.com has chosen to be the anchor organization for this community.

The Web 2.0 Community

The objective of the Web 2.0 Community is to discuss next generation Web technologies commonly termed "Web2.0", like social media and interactive networking websites and online SAAS (software as a service) tools. The Web 2.0 Community invites all WizIQ members to join, discuss and share, and help each other in improving our productivity with these new-age platforms and services.

The .NET Community

The objective of the .NET community is to exchange knowledge on Web development using .NET, best programming practices, Web application architecture, ideas and articles, tips & tricks, and interview questions & answers. The .NET community invites all software developers, architects and project managers to join, discuss and share fundamentals of the most advanced Microsoft technologies, demonstrate expertise and help each other to sharpen development skills.

Upcoming Communities

This community will keep you updated on learning materials and connect with fellow aspirants of SAT including subject tests for SAT.