Modeling Social Media in Groups,Communities and Networks -Vance S. 

Friday, November 06 2009 | 2:30 PM (Venezuela Standard Time)

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This presentation intertwines two threads: (1) an examination of social networking as practiced distinctly in groups, communities, and networks. Drawing from experience coordinating a teachers'' community of practice for the past decade, I will illustrate the evolution of what was initially a group into a community of practice, and how social media enables one CoP to interact with others to become part of a distributed learning network. and (2) the notion that teachers must be trained not only IN the use of social media, but THROUGH its use. Recidivism is a problem in technology training for education; teachers can be shown how to use social media, but unless they use it themselves they unlikely to change their practices. There is evidence that teachers trained in programs where their instructors used social media (modeled it) are more comfortable with technology than when their instructors did not themselves use these tools. This presentation suggests how teachers can interact with numerous communities of practice and distributed learning networks where other participants are modeling to and learning from one another optimal ways of using social media in teaching. GMT TIME: 18:30-20:30/VEN TIME: 2:00 PM/ ARG TIME: 3:30 PM E-moderators: Gabriela Rosso-Nelba Quintana -Teadira Pérez

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