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Sunday, April 22 2012 | 11:00 AM (EST)

$10 per attendee
60 minutes
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About the Class

I have been sharing content, coaching, mentoring, designing & facilitating courses and workshops, teaching, organizing and presenting at online conferences, and providing consultation for free for over 10 years. The reason being that I was teaching online and not in a traditional classroom. I believed that information should be free and teaching online was the same since I was not teaching in an online or face-to-face school. But, it all came with a fee because I was paying for hosting my Moodle websites, for a fast Internet connection, for quality audio and video (webcam) equipment, and a good computer with enough memory to be able to sustain all the online work that I was doing. I was spending money and time mentoring others for free.

A teacher's time is valuable and teachers should be paid for the time they spend online preparing for face-to-face and online classes and interacting with the students. I have spent hours interacting with my face-to-face students for free. It's time for a change.

I decided to change my attitude and help other teachers do the same. Join me in this class. Let's begin the "pay teachers for online facilitation" campaign. We can make a difference if we unite.

This session will focus on changing attitudes towards money and teaching online. Teachers will learn how to start teaching and making money via Moodle, blogs, WizIQ, and personal websites. In addition, participants will learn about a 4-week workshop on Moodle to learn how to start their own online teaching business. The tuition for the 4-week Online Teaching Business workshop is $40 for the general public, but only $10 for those who pay for this class on WizIQ. The Moodle workshop will start in June, 2012. You may join the Online Teaching Business 1 course today. You are also invited to join the groups on Linkedin , MentorMob , and Facebook .

The change in attitude will begin when you pay for this online class. Join me in bringing teachers the respect they deserve. Teachers are so used to receiving a pay check from schools that they forget whom they serve. The students are the real clients. Although students pay for the instruction they receive, the money goes through many hands before it reaches the teacher. Teachers are key to students' education and should be getting most of the money.

John Dewey tried to defend the Alexander technique as scientific and valuable to know. In an introduction to a book written by the founder of the technique, Dewey summarizes one of Alexander's premises that one cannot judge whether things will work or not if "one uses the very conditions that need re-education as one's standard of judgement" (see The Use of the Self by F. M. Alexander, 1932,1985). We may need to change our strategies, unless we want to get the same results. I suggest you read the following blog post on Making Money Teaching Online Now with an open mind and perhaps start doing things differently. What is your attitude to making money teaching online?

The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded, remixed it and used in any way as you wish for free but the class costs $10. The $10 will include a 4-week workshop on how to start your own online teaching business.

Language of instruction: English

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