YLT Webinars : The timeline of an e-connected story 

Presented by:María J. García San Martín

Sunday, September 28 2014| 1:00 PM (EST)

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About the Class

María J. García San Martín on The timeline of an e-connected story

The story of an e-connection that starts in a University classroom (URJC) from Madrid, with a group of future CLIL teachers taking a Master's Degree on The Use of ICT and Web Resources in Primary Bilingual Education, which spreads towards real CLIL classrooms and design digital storytelling together. Related entries: The timeline of an econnected story & Brining Colegio San Gregorio and BookMe-Library together.

Language of instruction: English

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Yes, of course, Vera. You use the same link to get the recording.

2314 days 3 hours 59 minutes ago

Vera Lúcia Silva Rossetti

I wonder if will have a recording of this session, I arrived late and missed the beginning. Thanks!

2420 days 7 hours 53 minutes ago

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