Finding New Students: Expand Your Horizon 

Friday, November 21 2014 | 4:00 PM (Cordinated Universal Time)

60 minutes
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About the Class

Our presenter will be Kajal Sengupta. We hope you can make the live session; if you cannot, please watch the class recording, which will be available shortly afterwards.


Do you want to teach online but don't know how to find students? We will discuss characteristics of sought after courses, how to advertise, and how to reach more and more students. Current examples and case studies will serve as highlights.

Language of instruction: English


Kajal Sengupta

Ron Thank you. I am glad that you liked the session. I am sure you will find teaching online interesting. The pen tablet I use is from WACOM. You will find information about ot on the net. They have many models . I use CTL-460/K. Incidentally , I bought it about four years ago. Hope this model is still available.

2558 days 5 hours 39 minutes ago

Sylvia Guinan

Apologies as I was travelling - and presenting at a conference - will watch the recording asap:))

2558 days 23 hours 33 minutes ago

Mónica Arellano

i just watched the recording, this session was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your experience Kajal, congratulations!. Know I'm going to work to reach more students. Thanks you! :)

2562 days 20 hours 29 minutes ago

Ron Johnson

Thank you Kajal for a very interesting session. I learned a lot.
I look forward to teaching online, but I haven't taken the dive yet.
You talked a bit about pen tablets ? Do you know of any brand names?

2562 days 20 hours 43 minutes ago

Laura Beth Hattersley

I'm sorry, Jason, I am feeling unwell today. Sorry I couldn't attend.

2563 days 21 minutes ago

Fluency MC

Great! Hope to see you there. :D

2563 days 6 hours 53 minutes ago

Ron Johnson

This sounds very interesting. I shall try to attend the live session.

2565 days 3 hours 19 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

I will, DV

2565 days 17 hours 22 minutes ago


I would surely attend this session.

2567 days 6 hours 1 minutes ago

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