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Academic Reading and Writing (TOEFL)
Language of Instruction: English
Essay Writing, Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Academic Reading
by Tammy Taiba posted on 09 April, 2011

The topic of this tutorial is so interesting and beneficial. You have mentioned good qualities in a good supervisor which should be there. I like it more because I know how a good supervisor is and therefore I can judge now whether my supervisor is good or not.

by Dessy posted on 07 September, 2010

Hi Richard,
I am very happy you are back here!

by Rima Al_Eryani posted on 15 June, 2010

Wonderful class thanks Richard!

by Sraman Biswas posted on 02 June, 2010

best toefl class i ever had. thank you sir

by Nadia posted on 24 February, 2010

Richard gave a brilliant outline of the IbtTOEFL reading class, he is very caring teacher

by Omar Sa'eed posted on 17 February, 2010

He is really amazing

by maa-ree posted on 17 February, 2010

It was far more better than I thought, thanks :)

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