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19 March, 2011

Celebrating my first public lesson on WizIQ

In my small, personal way I celebrated my own success this week, because I gave my fist ever public lesson on WizIQ, which is pure distance learning. I have worked a lot with blended learning. In fact, I would say that 80 percent of my teaching these days is blended, but I have always been wary of virtual classrooms.

Dimdim got Acquired – WiZiQ invites Refugees

But back to shutting down Dimdim and what will happen to the educators using the platform. Well, WiZiQ has the answer: come over to our platform. The team even took the time to draft a presentation of the differences between the two services.

January 17, 2011
November 22, 2010

Ultimate e-learning platforms: Adobe Connect 8 vs. WizIQ

Last week, I used WizIQ to interact with some old students of mine and provide "distance tutoring." Despite a few technical problems (more on those later), it became completely clear to me that tools like WizIQ are going to become indispensable tools for the classroom.

Update on WizIQ Virtual Classrooms

I posted some general, really positive thoughts about virtual classroom technology after using WizIQ's product to tutor students remotely.

The virtual classroom comes of age

The folks at WizIQ gave me a demo the other day of their own virtual classroom software which shared many of the useful features in Connect but was highly competitive in terms of price and was specifically designed around the idea of classroom.

Four free online remote meeting tools that deliver

What stands out with WizIQ is the ability to create classes that users can join. The creator can have multiple classes arranged and saved, so it's only a matter of signing in, clicking the class you want to start, and adding attendees. The UI is very intuitive.

November 11, 2010
November 4, 2010

Learning in Dorm, Because Class Is on the Web

The M4T-Advanced workshop is intended to develop educators' skills of using Moodle in online learning at the level of mastery of instructional design of online and blended online learning (BOL) to facilitate professional development programs to train educators and staff to use Moodle in its full potential. This workshop includes asynchronous (via Moodle) and synchronous (via WizIQ) components.

October 8, 2010,

WizIQ preparation

In preparation for next week's session in WizIQ Sarah and I have been playing around (testing) in WizIQ classroom.

WizIQ Session Results and Book Reading

Setting up the WizIQ account by registering and selecting a date within the 30 free-day trial was very easy. The site offers tutorial and testimonial videos via You Tube.

September 28, 2010
September 4, 2010

WizIQ, para educar y aprender en línea y en vivo

WizIQ es una plataforma en línea que ofrece la posibilidad de registrarte como profesor, publicar un perfil académico e interactuar en vivo con otros profesores y estudiantes mediante el uso de un Aula Virtual, ya sea tomando algunos de los variados cursos que ofrecen los profesores o lanzando tu proyecto personal de enseñanza en línea y moderando tus propias sesiones.

15 Free Tech Tools for Teachers

A Setting up the WizIQ account by registering and selecting a date within the 30 free-day trial was very easy. The site offers tutorial and testimonial videos via You Tube.

August 04, 2010
August 01, 2010

How to Set Up an Online Classroom

Online classrooms allow teachers to present their classes in either video or audio format. They can set up online examinations, upload teaching packs and get paid directly by the students attending their classes. Many online classroom sites offer free trials. An organized teacher can set up her online classroom and professional profile and start teaching as soon as she creates an account

WizIQ launches New Virtual Classroom

Today WizIQ launched its newest version of their virtual classroom environment. The new version promises to have a better sound quality, you can stream video of up to four participants, the whiteboard has new features and also the media player got a makeover.

July 25, 2010
September 1, 2009

"Learning" Experience

WizIQ.com is an online platform where users can discover, transact and consume educational services. Students could find educational services such as online classes, courses, tests, content, etc. as well as locate educational service providers offering their services both online and offline.

February 8, 2009

WizIQ Sessions are now WizIQ Classes

The WizIQ service, which is free, provides a means for teachers and students to create and share online educational content and tests, and to connect with people having similar subject interests

Deal Radar 2008: WizIQ

WizIQ's virtual classroom works on any operating system and browser and does not require additional software or hardware installation

December 4, 2008
July 17, 2008

WizIQ Launches First Premium Service for its Online Education Marketplace

The virtual classroom is just one of the tools available for educators and students. The platform has other features like a content library, a test section, teacher profiles, and free public sessions by experts. WizIQ concept focuses on the teacher's needs and thereby is unique – this model has evolved through 5 years of observing and learning from user behaviors

Moodle Gets WizIQ - A Free Virtual Classroom Add-on

In short, it's "a free alternative to expensive conferencing tools selling as online teaching/learning software."

Feb 01, 2008

WizIQ Wants You To Know

"This simple and easy to use education tool makes one to one teaching and learning remotely about as easy as it gets." "In short, WizIQ may just be the shortest route to more personal and individual learning for both sides of the equation.

May 09, 2007
April 16, 2007

WizIQ Is Guru for Tutors

"WizIQ is an online collaboration tool for teachers and students, for a wide range of subjects and grades."