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About EFLT Direct

EFLT Direct (English as a Foreign Language Training) is an online EFL language trainer serving private and corporate learners globally. We offer one to one or group private classes. Try us for IELTS practice and career language courses.

We are professional EFL trainers with a focus on teaching the learner how to speak confidently in English. Our courses are designed to take the learner one step at a time, effortlessly through course material in an advanced classroom with advanced technology that brings together learners from around the globe, to interact in a vibrant, enjoyable and friendly online learning environment. Our method of instruction is principally a unique blend of TESOL, TEFL and EFLT Instruction adapted to the delivery of professional online tuition.

Training topics are ideal for school, college. university and work with courses designed to help you learn English around your interest. We focus on your English for specific purposes.

An exciting feature of EFLT Direct Training is that students can study at any time, anywhere by using a smartphone, laptop or desktop PC.

UK Register of Learning Providers UKPRN: 10046111
British Council register of Online Schools BCRS 140460

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $10-20 per hour

Group Teaching at $0-10 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Subjects or exams this organization teaches



Preparation, guidance and tips for a good score

Language of Instruction: English


Language of Instruction: English

Speak English with Confidence (Languages)

Language of Instruction: English

English Specific Purposes, Career English, Business English, Schools English

Career Language (Others)

Language of Instruction: English


English for Integrated Studies (9th - 12th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

Math, Science, Computing, English

English for Integrated Studies (5th - 8th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

Math, Science, Computing, English

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