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Over three decades of teaching Business Analyis. Author of many books.
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About Brian Dickinson

I am the Founder and President of Logical Conclusions, Inc., a training and consulting company specializing in how to create a Customer Focused, Event Driven organization. For over three decades I have assisted Business Process Management/Improvement and ReEngineering projects at many major corporations and government agencies.
I have created numerous videos and educational tutorials on how to create the definitive efficient business structure for any organization.
I also have taught thousands of attendees at live business and technical workshop seminars.
As a prolific guest speaker i have given talks at many Business Process/Information Resource conferences such as conducting keynote and featured speeches at:
• Project Management Institute
• US Universities, many ProjectWorld conferences
• GIGA Business Process & Workflow International conference
• Workflow & Re-Engineering International Association (WARIA) conferences
• Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management IIRM conferences.
He has also given talks at:
• International Business Rules Forum
• National BPR Enterprise Reengineering Conf.
• International Conf. on Software Engineering
• Technology Transfer Institute
• Many DCI conferences
• Shared Insights
• IT & Business Alignment Forum
• EDP Auditors Assoc. International Conf.
• DOE Impact Conf.
• and many more.
I have published many books and articles on Business and System Development and Event Driven concepts. His latest e-books are titled “How to Analyze a Business - Using a Customer- Focused Event-Driven Model" and "Strategic Business Planning - Using a Customer-Focused Event-Driven model".
I have been a proud participant in the US Citizen Ambassador Program representing the U.S. in China and Russia.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Strategic Business Planning (Business and Management)
Language of Instruction: English
Creating Customer-Focused Business Structure
Systems Analysis (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Analyzing Business
Business Analysis (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Process Analysis, Information Analysis
Teaching Experience

Teacher and Consultant

Major corporations and Government Agencies, Many, United States

Jan 1981 - Present

Management and Analysis

Who' who in America.
Many Keynote Speeches at major conferences wordwide.

Professional Experience
30 years of teaching and consulting.
Many Corporations and Government agencies, Many, United States
Jan 1981 - Present

Author of business books and creator of many training seminars.


Technical college

Blackpool Tech college, United Kingdom

Jan 1964 - Jan 1968

Publications and Research
How to Analyze a Business
Brian Dickinson

Book published by LCI and on Amazon Kindle etc

Strategic Business Planning
Brian Dickinson

Book on how to Structure an unbeatable business.

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