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Continual Development for Industry Professionals
Female, 70 Years|MELBOURNE - 3072, Australia

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About Joan Kamaru

Security Market Brokers
ABN 28807512646
Melbourne, Australia
Online and Virtual Services
We provide CPD for Industry Professionals, Small Business and Education Content providers.
Small Group Training (Design and Implementation for online and virtual world presentation.)
Sly Grog Club - Melbourne Online Liquor
Partner and Webmaster

AREAS Of Interest
Workplace Safety (Hospiality, Building and Construction, Security Industries CPD)
CPD Training for Educators
Small Business Promotion (Online Networking)
Career Pathway for the Adult Student
We are offering FREE Classes for the 'Build Your Profile' series.
Build networks using your own material and a few resources.

- Find out how to take your CONTENT and create professional VIDEO.
- Learn how to build a Profile Website using Templates
- Create AUDIO and IMAGES from scratch!

If you require 'one on one' classes do not hesitate to contact me.
We sponsor the ARTS and Education Projects on the virtual world of Second Life. Visit us for a unique experience!
We create production music which can be heard on our internet radio Day and Night Music Radio. This station is hosted by ShoutCast and we are learning to use SAM Broadcaster.
PUBLIC Content Downloads
There is Content for people to DOWNLOAD including SEF File TEMPLATES for SLIDE EFFECT, YouTube VIDEO and more.
Building and Construction:
Decorative Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster
- Introduction to Creating A Fine Finish
- Setting Up A Studio
- Purchasing Product and Tools
- Design A Finish
- Health & Safety Tips
- Work By Contract
- Delivery & Installation
- How To Sell Your Fine Finish


- How To Set Up A Business/Project On Second Life
- Learn How To Promote Your Project
- Build A Second Life Profile

Liquor Industry Tips:
- Understanding Your License
- Build A Business Plan
- How To Source Liquor Products
- About LIQUOR Scams
- Which License For You?
- Security and LIQUOR

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $20-30 per hour

Group Teaching at $10-20 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $40-50 per hour

Group Teaching at $30-40 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Tips On Setting Up A Decorative Paint Service (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Faux Gilding, Sourcing Products, Buying and Storing Stock, Writing Own Contracts, Making Quote, Receiving Payments
Art and Audio on Second Life (Entrepreneurship)
Language of Instruction: English
Creativity Vision Impared Students
Create Art for your Audio (Music)
Language of Instruction: English
Production Music, Remix Using Audio Editors, Promote SongCast, Create Music Video TrakAx, Add Audio Slide Effects, Album ART Ribbet (Picnik)
Learn How To Faux Gild (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Tools, Faux Gilding, Cleaning, Antique Look, Prepare and Clean Items, Final Finish
Using Duspec - Learn About Preparing Substrates (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Duspec, Learn Products, Health and Safety, Clean and Storing Paint
Teaching Experience

Australian Artist

Bayside Studio and Showroom, Australia

Sep 2007 - Present

MetaVerse Marketing, Virtual World Art, Audio, CPD, Security - Health and Safety

Virtual Classes are available on Second Life. Contact BuHu Hoobino

Virtual World Artist

Securty Market Brokers, Australia

Jan 2002 - Present

Health, Safety, 'How To's' and WYSIWYG resources.

Visit our virtual ART Gallery - ART is linked to online Print and Framer. Featuring the Australian Bushrangers 'The Ned Kelly Gang' visit art in a unique way on Second Life.

Virtual World Consultant

Security Market Brokers, Australia

Jan 2006 - Present

Professional Development, MetaVerse Marketing, Virtual World ARTS, Business Skills virtual and online, Marketing Audio, Artist Development, Online and Virtual Gallery Operation, virtual Training and Education

We have created an online and virtual network where people can work and play. Join us on the virtual world of Second Life where we can show you how to quickly create your own content, meet people in your industry and advance your training or marketing Projects.
We show you how to create Music, ART and Dance - how to promote and sell your Products, and we offer people a great place to learn and have fun - all on Second Life.
If you already Teach we show you how it is done on virtual worlds.

Professional Experience
Liquor Licensee/Webmaster
Sly Grog Club, Victoria, Australia
Dec 2004 - Present

The Sly Grog Club is our online liquor business located in Australia. We supply and deliver packaged liquor to Businesses, Social Clubs and Professionals in the metropolitan area of Melbourne.
I designed the business and produced the website, advertising and multimedia but my Partner, Simon, makes it work! Marketing concepts such as the "Save Water Drink Beer", promotions on virtual worlds, social media and such are my fields of expertise..
also Product sourcing and Training.

Australian MultiMedia Artist
Bayside Studio and Showroom, Victoria, Australia
Oct 2001 - Present

I have been an artist all my life - often bringing this skill to my workplace in many diverse industries.

I am self taught and work at many projects at any one time. Current project is creating audio art - mixing images with remix soundtracks created with TrackAx and AVIARY. I enjoy sharing my skills.
On Second Life I have an Art Gallery, a Library, Studio and much more : ) - Blind Friendly

CPD Online and Virtual
Security Market Brokers, Victoria, Australia
Sep 2001 - Present

We offer online and virtual 3D consultation, clasess and courses for professinoal development.
SMB has created a network of products and services for metaverse marketing and content creation: a TV Station and Studio; a virtual a NetLabel and Artist Management Agency; an online and virtual Band (Simonica); a virtual Blind Friendly Library (audio books and eLearning) and much more.

Training Officer (small business)
Windsor Adolescent Detention Centre, Queensland, Australia
Jun 1998 - Nov 1998

I took a small group of sentenced high risk youth and showed them how to turn a craft into a small business.
We covered various aspects operating a small business on a budget: of health and safety, marketing, sales, production etc. I also taught them finer aspects of the craft and support skills.



Holmesglen TAFE and others, Australia

Jan 1973 - Present

I have attained or held:
Workplace Health and Safety Officer - Stage One : Construction, Stage 2 Hospitality
Train The Trainer, Course Design & Implementation, Small Business Cert. Level 4; Private Investigator License (Qld); Process Server License (Qld); High Security Womens Prison Offer Training (Qld); College Security Trainer; High Security Adolecent Detention Instructor; Youth Advocate, Youth Worker Crisis Accomadation

Professional Exams & Certifications


Victoria, Australia

Year Of Passing: 2010

Associations & Membership
APRA/AMCOS association
Victoria, Australia
Jun 2010 - Dec 2011

AARRGGHH mp3 on iTunes

by Halima Ozimova posted on 12 August, 2011

A wonderful class!The real TEACHER!The class was so Informative,full of Demo Aids! I've enjoied it!

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