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Er. Anurag Trivedi (B-Tech, Electrical, IIT Kanpur)
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About Anurag Trivedi

Er. Anurag Trivedi is admired by the IIT JEE aspirants for his lucid presentation of maths through his lectures & also through his very popular books for IIT JEE Maths. His book of calculus has been awarded as the best educational book published by the Federation of Educational Publishers of India. His books have been a matter of discussion in print as well as electronic media.
Er. Trivedi has an enviable academic record. He successfully competed IIT JEE and Roorkee Entrance Examination with all India Ranks 80 and 56 respectively. He joined Electrical Department of IIT Kanpur where in the very first year he got a proficiency certificate for being among the topmost performers. In IIIrd semester, his working model of "programmable printer" was selected as the best project. As the secretary to Electrical Engineers Association at IITK, he organised industrial tours, seminars, lectures and panel discussion involving professors of IIT's and IIM's. He obtained his B.Tech degree securing CPI (Cummulative Performance Index) of 87%.

by Harshita Tewari posted on 14 January, 2013

what a wonderful use of technology...

by Apoorv Mishra posted on 05 January, 2013

a super time saver..

by Mohit Gupta posted on 04 January, 2013

i like it sir.....

by Shashank Awasthi posted on 03 January, 2013


by Ankit posted on 31 December, 2012

Online classes by trivedi sir are really very effective

by Anurag Trivedi posted on 31 December, 2012

Thanks Kamran Ashraf, Kamal Singh, Anurag Rastogi, Abhishek Awasthi, Aayush Saxena wishing a very successful onlline learning to you all. Enjoy!

by Anurag Trivedi posted on 30 December, 2012

We are moving in this direction only, but we shall proceed slowly so that the students get adjusted to this new way of online learning.

by Kamal singh posted on 30 December, 2012

sir aap sari classes on line kardijiye jise se hum log exams k time aap ka padhya hua koi bhi topic easly revise kar sakein :) and it is always a good experience when you teach sir :)

by Kamran Ashraf posted on 29 December, 2012

Awesome class ON BASIC INTEGRATION . Great opportunity for recalling .

by Kamran Ashraf posted on 29 December, 2012

Awesome class .

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