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English for exams, Phonemics Teacher
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Teaches following Subjects/Exams
English for exams (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Exam preparation, study, Phonology, Presentations, Interviews
Phonemics (5th - 8th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English
Phonemic script, vowel stress, tone, pitch, chunking, Elision, intrusion, linking and so on.
Teaching Experience

Writing in English for exams

preparemyfuture, Madrid, Spain

Sep 1998 - Present

Writing basics descriptive writing

My students have passed exams, bettered their reports at work and saved time,which in business is important.

Trinity College London

Preparemyfurture, Madrid, Spain

Sep 1995 - Present

SEW, Trinity oral exam

100% student pass rate at all levels from 4 to 12 Trinity 1-3 SEW.

Cambridge exams First,Advanced,Proficency

Operadores, Madrid, Spain

Sep 1994 - Present

English - levels

100% pass rate in student passes.


Preparemyfuture, Madrid, Spain

Jul 2013 - Present

give perfect presentation whatever level English.

100% pass. Students say their presentations are praised on the input and clarity. Students begin to actually enjoy giving presentations in English.

Language coach for Actors

Film Company, Madrid, Spain

Jun 2008 - Present

Film script actors and actresses whose English low

They were able to speak their parts perfectly with the correct tone and pitch.

IELTS Trainer

STTC, AR RIYAD, Saudi Arabia

Jun 2014 - Present


two 20 hours courses for BEC-Benchmark and Vantage.
One 40 hour course for IELTS Academic.

Teaching absolute beginners

preparemyfuture, Madrid, Spain

Jun 1995 - Present

People whio spoken english before.

With this method you can learn to speak English at Survival level in 90 hours. Our students never have pronounciation problems and their comprehension is good. Students learn at their own pace.

Helping people to speak clearly and understand English better.

preparemyfuture, Madrid, Spain

Jun 2011 - Present

Phonology, phonemics, tone, pitch.

My course explains simply how native speakers speak and how you too can speak like a native speaker.Improving your listening comprehension at the same time.

Professional Experience
Teacher in The Bank of Spain
Kings Training, Madrid, Spain
Sep 2013 - Present

Implimenting the European guidelines for writing in English for the new European Monetary Fund. Preparing students for their interviews in Frankfurt for different jobs. Preparing lower levels for Cambridge exams, all levels.

English Tutor to Foreign Language English teachers
Preparadores, Madrid, Spain
Sep 2006 - Present

My job is to prepare teachers for the state exam to be able to teach in bi-lingual schools in Spain. Exams involved Advanced, Proficency Cambridge. Oral speaking state exam.

On-line tutor to Exam students
IOE, Spain
May 2014 - Present

I give telephone or Skype class to students preparing Cambridge exams.

Course designer for IBM
Digital, Madrid, Spain
Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

I designed and presented English courses in IBM to employees.

Examiner for the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry speaking part.
AMC private university, Madrid, Spain
Sep 2010 - Jun 2012

I tested students doing a masters degree at AMC university in Madrid.
I also gave preparation classes.

Professional Exams & Certifications

TKT (Teacher´s Knowledge Test)

Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 2006

NLP (neurolinguistic programming)

British English Centre, Madrid, Spain

Year Of Passing: 2005

Certificate in 60 hours NLP training for education.


Leeds University, Leeds, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 2005

RSA (Royal Society of Arts exam) in English

The Royal Society of Arts, London, United Kingdom

Year Of Passing: 1964

Whilst I was studying at the London College of Fashion I had the opportunity to take, and pass this exam.

Publications and Research
Thin Air (ISBN 9781438995564)
Angela Mary Weston Dent

A challenge from my adult students who couldn´t find any interesting books that they didn´t have to look at a dictionary to read. I wrote the book in plain English with a clossary. It is a historical novel about the death of Princess Diana.

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