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IB Biology: Cell Structure and Organization
17 Questions | 1486 Attempts
IB Biology: Movement Across Plasma Membrane
15 Questions | 1179 Attempts
IB Biology: Cell Theory
13 Questions | 8407 Attempts

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Greetings to everyone.

People regards Internet as a medium to find love, to build friendship, to expand social network, to find information, to read news and etc. However recently, the concept of e-learning is getting famous and is conducted worldwide by many schools and educational institutions; providing a new role to this technology.

We hardly have this kind of sites from Malaysia. Therefore, I would like to be among the minority who wish to induce this concept of e-learning into the Malaysian's society.

When I stumble upon this site, I am thinking of creating a site to be a platform, allowing students and tutees of mine to learn, to do revision and to share their knowledge. Since most of us spend a huge amount of time in the virtual world, I guess by actively participate in this site will make their time less wasted.

I also believe in the concept of interactive learning. A learning concept where it is not just about traditional face-to-face and one-way communication between the teachers and the students; it can go beyond that, involving the power of multimedia.

I hope that this site will be beneficial both to me and to my fellow friends.