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About R-Lau R-Piz
Greetings to everyone.

People regards Internet as a medium to find love, to build friendship, to expand social network, to find information, to read news and etc. However recently, the concept of e-learning is getting famous and is conducted worldwide by many schools and educational institutions; providing a new role to this technology.

We hardly have this kind of sites from Malaysia. Therefore, I would like to be among the minority who wish to induce this concept of e-learning into the Malaysian's society.

When I stumble upon this site, I am thinking of creating a site to be a platform, allowing students and tutees of mine to learn, to do revision and to share their knowledge. Since most of us spend a huge amount of time in the virtual world, I guess by actively participate in this site will make their time less wasted.

I also believe in the concept of interactive learning. A learning concept where it is not just about traditional face-to-face and one-way communication between the teachers and the students; it can go beyond that, involving the power of multimedia.

I hope that this site will be beneficial both to me and to my fellow friends.
Interested in learning these topics

Chemistry, biology


Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Feb 2011 - Present

Diploma International Baccalaureate

Kolej MARA Seremban, Malaysia

Jul 2008 - May 2010

Obtained 34 points.

- Malay A1 SL: 6
- Biology HL: 6
- Chemistry HL: 6
- ITGS SL: 5
- Mathematics HL: 4
- English B SL: 7
- TOK + EE: 2

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

SMK Bandar Rinching, Malaysia

Jun 2007 - Dec 2007

Obtained 11A's.

- Bahasa Malaysia: A1
- English: A1
- Islamic Studies: A1
- History: A1
- Geography: A1
- Modern Mathematics: A1
- Additional Mathematics: A2
- Biology: A2
- Chemistry: A2
- Physics: A2
- English for Science and Technology: A2

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