Ahmed Belgacem

Male|Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Last active on: Mar 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM (EST)

About Ahmed Belgacem
I am an in-service teacher of English. I have been working since 2004 and I am still enjoying that profession.

Bachelor of Arts

Institut Superieur des langues de Tunis, Tunisia

Sep 1998 - Jun 2003

Specialized in English language and Literature

Professional Exams & Certifications

Capes (The Aptitude Certificate for Secondary School Teachers)

Ministry of Education and Training, Tunisia

Year Of Passing: 2004

This certificate allows teachers in Tunisia to work for the public sector.

Publications and Research
Teaching Difficulties in Rural Areas
Ahmed Belgacem

Difficulties that novice teachers could come across when working in rural and remote areas.

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