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W4: Creating Effective Teaching/Learning Environment with Moodle 2.
Moodle for Teachers Introduction Workshop
MM3: Distance education is an alternative way of learning for equality
Teaching Online with WizIQ Live Class
Glogster and Web 2.0 Resources for Language Teachers
Breakout Rooms on WizIQ
Moodle MOOC: Week 1
CO11: Educational Artifacts for Technological Constructivism
Teaching Idioms Effectively with Web 2.0 Tools
WizIQ Public Courses
Moodle MOOC 4 Opening Ceremony
Week 4: MOOCs & Ubiquitous Computing
Moodle MOOC on WizIQ and Learning2Gether with Vance Stevens
MMVC13: Technology enhanced learning by Sylvia Guinan
Moodle Resources MOOC 4 Moodle 2.6
CO14: Fostering Global Citizenship in the English Classroom J. Klein
SBF: Niki Lambropoulos
Using the Whiteboard
I took a MOOC! Now what?! Dr. Maria Droujkova
Teaching with Technology: e-portfolios with Dr. Nellie Deutsch
Moodle for Teachers (M4T) Creating Video Tutorials
Why Go Premium on WizIQ
Moodle CMS LMS
Mindful Living: Practicing Mindfulness with the Alexander Technique
CO14: Experiences with Technology in Face to Face and Online Classes
MM3: The FPeLearning™ System for Education
Moodle for Teachers (M4T) TESOL CALL-IS EVO2013
CO14: Using Moodle to connect learners and teachers
Micro-Teaching: Mindfulness in and out of the Classroom
Frankie Valli Grease Lyrics
CO14: Using Webquests to Break Down Cultural Stereotypes
distance and special education-7february
Micro Teaching: Music in English Teaching Introduction Paradise
Russian Personal Pronouns Nominative case
Accessibility: Technology provides challenges and learning
Authenticity & WizIQ
Google Drive & Student Writing
Wiz IQ Moodle Plugin Installation Guide.
MicroTeaching Getting Started
CO14 How I use Moodle at Kugel
Pre Test_25 Questions
MM4: Moodle Activities MOOC 4 Moodle 2.6
MM4: Exploring the Use of iPads for Engaged Learning in School
MM3: Wiris Math Formula Editor on Moodle
Micro Teaching Hotel California - The Eagles
SBF: Adam Introduction to Visual Thinking
Scheduling a live class on WizIQ
New Course
Micro Teaching in Pairs: Music in English Teaching Nov 12
MMVC14: Opening Ceremony with Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D
Understanding the Teaching System on WizIQ: Profile and Marketing
Moodle for Teachers M4T EVO2013: Week 3 Activities
Courses- Understanding the WizIQ System for Teaching
CO-Presenter Link
Teamwork and Breakout Rooms
WebQuest to engage students
New Test
Wiz IQ with New Interface.
WebQuest- Evaluation and Conclusion
WizIQ- Virtual Classroom Features
Online Class and Writing Tools
Schedule a Class- Understanding the WizIQ System for Teaching
How to create a Test on Wiz IQ
Understanding- courses work in progress
New class (WiZiQ)
Micro Teaching in Pairs: Worksheet Logical Song
Introducing Moodle for Teachers (M4T)
Gear Up for WizIQ Face lift !
HSLMOOC14: Opening Ceremony about the Keynote and Panelists and Layout
Micro Teaching Book Chapter Authors
Engaging Students via Polling
Introduction thewandering
Teaching to learners of all styles - IATEFL YLT webinar January 2015
Micro Teaching: New Year Celebrations in Poland
Teaching with Technology: What is teaching with technology Class 1
Week 3 M4TEVO15
Co15: Story Engagement
wandering for Museums
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