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Healthy Life Style
Female, 63 Years|Tampa - 33611, United States

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About Olga Abrosimova

I am living in Tampa, Florida, USA. Originally from Russia.
I am a pediatrician with 12 years of experience. Currently I'm a nutritionist. I consider there is an indisputable link between right nutrition and long-term health. In this respect Hippocrates, the founder of medicine said "Our body is the best doctor" I would add: we need to provide it with the right nutrition and set up right style of life. The nutritional science is new and rewarding. It plays a key role in cell health and disease prevention including degenerative diseases. To sum it up, " We live a short life and dying takes long" . The nutritional science is called upon to change the key words in this phrase. I do my best to make a good contribution to this noble course.

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Public Health (Medical)
Language of Instruction: Russian
Health, weight control, skin care, healthy lifestyle

Master Degree

Dalnevostocnyj Gosudarstvennyj Medicinskij Universitet, Russian Federation

Sep 1976 - Jun 1981

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