About Us

WizIQ is an easy way to teach and train online. It’s a cloud-based learning delivery platform with a suite of integrated features – including virtual classroom, course management, content authoring, video streaming, tests and assessments, insights and analytics and mobile learning.

WizIQ empowers instructors, education service providers and corporates to deliver and manage live and self-paced learning with easy-to-use, scalable and cost-effective technology.

How we started

WizIQ was founded with the idea of building an internet-based platform where educators and learners could connect with each other.

Since its inception in 2007, WizIQ has been used by 400,000 education and training service providers and 4.5 million learners. 1 billion minutes of live learning have been delivered till now through 70,000 courses on the platform. Monthly 100,000 live online classes are being delivered using WizIQ.

WizIQ timeline

  • Apr 2007: Launch of WizIQ’s integrated platform with live class
  • Feb 2008: Launch of free WizIQ virtual classroom module for Moodle
  • Jan 2009: Addition of new features – 6-way video, breakout rooms, active noise cancellation in WizIQ Virtual Classroom
  • Jul 2009: Launch of API for WizIQ Virtual Classroom
  • Oct 2011: Launch of Virtual Classroom app for iPad
  • Jul 2012: 100 million cumulative minutes of live classes delivered
  • Jan 2013: Series B investment from Kaizen & Bertelsmann
  • Dec 2014: 1 billion cumulative minutes of live classes delivered
  • Oct 2015: Organized India’s premier EdTech event EdTech.Now!
  • Dec 2015: Won Brandon Hall Bronze for the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology
  • Dec 2015: WizIQ LMS named ‘Top Rated’ solution on TrustRadius’ Learning Management System TrustMap
  • Jan 2016: WizIQ named no. 1 cloud based Learning Management System of Q1, 2016 by GetApp
  • July 2017: Launched swayam.gov.in (A Govt of India Initiative) in collaboration with Microsoft
  • Oct 2017: Launched WebRTC based Virtual classroom
  • Feb 2018: Highly scalable new academy launched with WebRTC based Virtual classroom
  • April 2019: Improvement in Product and Mobile SDK iOS/Android
  • Oct 2021: Scalability and Security Enhancement and many other features including 50 Videos feed, Recurring Classes etc.