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Independent Consultant and Trainer. Has Dual Specialization: Digital
Male, 70 Years|Pune - 411001, India

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About Jyotindra Zaveri

Prof. Jyoti Sir:
• Enthusiastic and passionate about being a long-term part of your organization as consultant and trainer.
• Authored eight books including book on ERP. Published three online daily newspapers.
• Extremely detail-oriented, able to meet deadlines, and work well as part of your team.
• Innovative and creative, always looking to think outside the box with new ideas.
• Travelled extensively from India: Bahrain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.
• IT professional with academic credentials in electronics and electrical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India. Formerly worked in IBM, trained in Germany.
• Having lived through every avatar of Internet Technologies, can bring a depth of online experience.
• Excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and oral.
• Record of accomplishment, year-by-year, since …1975! http://www.dnserp.com/track_record.htm
Social media marketing skills:
• Five+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing.
• Managing 50+ Websites, Blogs, Pages, Groups, Video channels, and micro-blogs http://xeeme.com/Zaveri
• Specialization in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on, with a track record to prove it.
• Very social online, with an engaging personality and a constant urge to share interesting content online.
• Mastered both Art and the Technology for effective social media marketing.
• Organizations outsource their Social Media Marketing to me with full confidence.
ERP skills:
• 50+ ERP Implementation experience.
• Specializing in consulting and training to the head of organization for successful Business Process Reengineering (BPR).
• Hands-on experience in the Conference Room Pilot (CRP Run).
• Many references and testimonials to boast the Proof of Concept.
Worth noting:
• Specially invited by Microsoft to meet Mr. Bill Gates in Mumbai (his first visit to India), on 5 March 1997.
• President-Elect Rotary eClub of Pune, the first eClub in the RI District 3131.
• Member BNI Dynamic Pune business networking group.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Social Media Marketing (Mass Communication)
Language of Instruction: English
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
Enterprise Resource Planning (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
ERP Implementation, ERP Modules, ERP Case Study
Teaching Experience


DNS, Maharashtra, India

Jan 1991 - Feb 2013

Social Media Marketing, eCommerce, ERP

I have reached a new milestone: 133K Views on my three sites. Yes, One Lac Thirty Three Thousand! However, this is not just my achievement alone to celebrate; but it is also yours.
1. My free eLearning site http://www.dnserp.com = 247 K Page Views, from India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, UAE, and other 100+ countries.
2. My Video channel http://www.YouTube.com/dnserp = 174 K Video Views from India, United States, Germany, UK, Pakistan, Canada and other countries.
3. My presentations onhttp://www.scribd.com/DigitalVivekananda = 179 K Views from India, USA, Malaysia, Philippines, and other countries.

And these are not Lady Gaga kinds of sites but serious business management topics!


Computer Engineer

Robotron/IBM, Germany

May 1977 - Apr 1978

One of the few Indians trained in Germany on the Mainframe computer hardware.

Publications and Research
ERP Book
Jyotindra Zaveri

Unlike other ERP textbooks, this book gives actual data entry screens, reports, and master files details for practical learning. This book is a good reference for various key functions managers, such as accounts, purchase, sales, production, etc. It is not just a book but also a companion for corporate commandos. This ERP book might not seem extra-ordinary, but it is. Business processes integrated in ERP should have already been demystified, but it has not been. What does this ERP book offer to lecturers, faculties, consultants? The book is projected to be a comprehensive guide to all aspects of deploying ERP within an organization. Reader will find that this ERP book has a good range of case studies to support their teaching.

Digital Marketing Nespaper
News headlines from Time, HBR, and other world class newsroom, Editor Jyoti

Research on what is new in social media marketing arena. Stay up-to-date on the latest stories by subscribing, it’s free. I launched in December 2012. You may view PAST ISSUES using the Archive button on the top. Guaranteed fresh news everyday.

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