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قرآن کریم کو گھر بیٹھیے سکھیں اور دنیا وآخرت کی کامیابی حاصل کریں

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About Islamic Institute

Institute for short courses of Tajveed, Tarjama Quran, Hadith, Arabic Grammar and Law of Inheritance

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Language of Instruction: Urdu

Quran (Others)

Language of Instruction: Urdu

Quran, Hadith, Inheritance, Arabic Grammar

Quran (Others)

Language of Instruction: Urdu

Tajveed, Tarjama Quran, Hadith, Arabic Grammar, Law Inheritance


Very nice presentation

By R Hassan Mirani

On 03 October, 2012

very educative masha Allaah. keep on

By abu muqbil

On 03 May, 2011

Enlighten your life with the glory of Quran and learn the golden principles for living your life as per teachings of Islam.

By Rashid

On 03 May, 2011

very educative maasha Allaah

By abu muqbil

On 21 April, 2011

very educative masha Allaah

By abu muqbil

On 29 March, 2011

Zbrdst Class. Jazak Allah Khair Liked the way of Translation of Arbic and explanation.

By Islam Learner

On 16 March, 2011

nice class mashaALLAH. just bothers should talk relevant to class or just keep quite plz inshaALLAH.

By Areena Ali Memon

On 01 March, 2011

Jazaka Allahu Khair

By Mary .

On 21 February, 2011

Subhaanallaah. Explanation is good in Urdu.

By Abdul Rahman

On 21 February, 2011

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