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IELTS Speaking Clue Cards Interview

IELTS Speaking Clue Cards Interview

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<a href="">IELTS Exam</a> has various modules and one of these is Speaking. It is a collection of...

IELTS India British IDP Exam Test Date And Result

IELTS India British IDP Exam Test Date And Result

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Useful links to see the <a href="">IELTS Exam</a> dates and Speaking Dates For Punjab, Chandigarh...

IELTS Reading Module Tips

IELTS Reading Module Tips

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This presentation explains the tips to attempt the <a href="">IELTS</a> Reading assignments

IELTS Listening Module Tips

IELTS Listening Module Tips

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Tips for <a href="">IELTS</a> Listening modules

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"Tajinder's English Classes" nicknamed TEC came out of the passion and desire of Mrs. Tajinderpal Kaur to teach the International English language. Since 2003, she has been teaching herself with the same zeal and strength various students with different educational background. The hard work and the student's faith and their results encouraged her to extend the services and thus the institute was born.
Since 2003, our institute is the quality center for English Grammar, Spoken English, Interview Preparation for jobs and Embassy.

IELTS for British Council and IDP Australia (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) is another feather in our cap as the results have been extremely positive. To serve the students with best quality, we have recruited the staff from foreign to give them a different exposure as well as implemented very innovative ideas like projector based class sessions.

Online teaching is another aspect of teaching successfully being implemented here for those students who are in job or live in foreign but want to clear IELTS.

The personal involvement and attachment of our dear director and management is the one that has been the most positive driving factor for students as well staff members to always give quality results.