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About HomeoHelp

HOMEO – because the amazing homeopathy is the foundation we stand on

HELP – because we can be together only when we help each other

HOLISTIC – because the holistic way of thinking today determines what we are going to be tomorrow

SCHOOL – because we are going to learn and we are going to be taught.

Doors of HomeoHelp Holistic School are wide open for the Holistic way of thinking and the holistic ways of treatment and growth.

Doors of HomeoHelp Holistic School are wide open for all adventurers not lacking heathy skepticism and for all skeptics not lacking their pricious adventurism.

Doors of HomeoHelp Holistic School are wide open so we can all grow and get wiser together, so we can learn and work together in the name of the Health and Happiness of our loved ones and ourselves.

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I wish to continue.

By Julija P.Lande

On 15 August, 2013

Wonderful class as any from Dr Kalathia! Here in Brazil the Sensation Method is not spread between homeopaths as it is in Europe, USA, India. So it is very nice to be in touch with such a good Master and to learn a method that enriches our understanding of Homeopathy and its curative potential !!!! Ana Cristina from São José dos Campos, São Paulo, BRAZIL !!!

By Ana Almeida

On 22 July, 2013

Wonderful and very interesting case, where would we find the remedy and more of the provings from this extremely unsual case/
I was thinking more on the lines of a Bovista (Puff Ball) when it Expands and blows out the air, it might have the sensation she was talking about, but there are no mind symptoms matching your case with Bovista, thank you very much for a wonderful case

By Natalie

On 30 May, 2013

such a great presentation..healthy discussion too.Thank you doctor.

By Kiruthiga

On 19 May, 2013

Много внимателен и спокоен лектор, дори и най-дългите лекции не изморяват и минават неусетно.

By Graciella Dimitrova

On 25 November, 2011

Spasibo for all.

By Mahilioutsau Mikhail

On 25 November, 2011

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