Sherry Denny

BPro Specialist, Strategic Health, Global Trainer
Female |Redwood City, United States

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About Sherry Denny

I have been involved with the health and wellness industry since 1996. I support, help and train those that are interested in Strategic Health. I have been using the many Class II medical heart screening devices that have been available for use in the past 6 years. I now help train those that have these devices all over the world. The newest device is the BPro Heart Screening Device supplied by CardioGrade LLC of Pleasanton, CA. I am on a mission to save as many lives as I possibly can in my lifetime. Let's work this mission together.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $50-70 per hour

Group Teaching at More than $100 per hour

In Person Teaching

One-on-One at $50-70 per hour

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Strategic Health and Wellness (Sales & Marketing)
Language of Instruction: English
BPro Training
Teaching Experience

Heart Screening Specialist and Worldwide Trainer

Global Impact, United States

Jun 2004 - Present

BPro training and sales

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