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Whatever your reason for learning French online, you are looking for a French tutor to facilitate your success at school, in exams or in business.

Clarity, a positive atmosphere of mutual trust and the right adapted teaching can rid learners of blocks very quickly, free them of limitations and uncover the talents behind. Learning in a safe environment where feeling free to ask questions but also allowing oneself to make mistakes is key to success.

Content is crucial but learning also needs to be fun and motivating, whether it be French grammar, practice on past paper exams, preparing you to mock exams, answering any question, improving the speaking, helping you to develop your writing skills, perfecting fluency...

Success is at the tip of your hand. Book a free trial class, experience my teaching! Bienvenue!


Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Subjects or exams this organization teaches

French Language (9th - 12th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

Verbs, Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation

French (Languages)

Language of Instruction: English

Economics French and or conversations

French (Others)

Language of Instruction: English


French Studies (Bachelor of Arts: French)

Language of Instruction: English

French Language (9th - 12th Grade)

Language of Instruction: English

Grammar, Conversation, Business


love this teacher really helps me <3>

By kayli

On 20 October, 2012

I have learned many useful expressions.

By Takako Kojima

On 12 September, 2012

He's a great instructor - obviously enjoys what he's doing - and I'm learning a lot!

By Chris

On 23 November, 2010

Not only do I learn a lot in every lesson, Stephen is very funny and it makes the class time go by quickly. I love to learn languages, but despite speaking 4 already, I really struggle with French. He really makes it enjoyable and easy to learn. He is truly worth his weight in gold!!

By Angela McKeller

On 03 September, 2010

He is very personable, makes the class very enjoyable and also makes the concepts clear and relevant so they are easy to remember. Thank you, Stephen!

By Angela McKeller

On 24 August, 2010

Excellent content , useful and challenging..

By stella shade

On 18 August, 2010

He is getting used to teaching online - some technical difficulties are to be expected...except the abrupt ending that just happened :(

By Laurel Nicolosi

On 26 July, 2010

Oh man! I was a bit mad that the wiziq class didn't give us a headsup on time, but I love the new features!!!!!!!! Great and marvolous class. Wonderful teacher. Patient and inspiring. He's a teacher you learn from. :D I just wish my smileys showed up.... that's okay though.

By Shoshana L.

On 26 July, 2010

a very good class today; 22 july

By Parker Bosley

On 22 July, 2010

Really nice class. My first class in french and i really liked it !

By Radhika B

On 08 June, 2010

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