What is WizIQ?

WizIQ is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach or learn live, online. With a virtual classroom, educational content and a session scheduler, WizIQ works best for anyone’s online teaching and learning needs. Try it out, it’s all free!

Does it cost anything to teachers?

WizIQ is absolutely FREE. We do not charge anything from teachers for using WizIQ for online teaching. In future, we will offer certain advanced features on WizIQ for a monthly subscription fee. However, basic features on WizIQ will always be free.

Do the students have to pay anything?

WizIQ is FREE for students too. Students can search for teachers and learn online from them. They may seek online help for homework or assignment queries. They can use WizIQ’s virtual classroom to hold live discussions or sessions.

How can I get learners?

If you upgrade as a teacher, WizIQ adds your profile to its teachers’ directory to let students search and contact you. We suggest you enter as much of your details as you can in the profile to make it more searchable.

How would my learners contact me?

The learners would contact you through messages routed through WizIQ. We deliver these messages at your email address you used to sign up on WizIQ.

Additionally, you can choose to make your email address show up to your contacts to make learners approach you directly.

How will I know if any learner has viewed my profile?

Once you update your teacher’s profile, it gets searched and listed for your teaching skills and expertise. Currently, the system does not expose the member’s name and details who have viewed your profile.

I am interested in more information about the use of WizIQ for instruction. How to start on WizIQ?  

Getting started on WizIQ is easy and simple.

  1. Invite your contacts to join WizIQ or search for members who share your subjects on WizIQ to invite them. After they register, they exist as your contacts.
  2. Schedule online sessions with them.
  3. Meet in the virtual classroom to share and exchange knowledge live and online.

How is WizIQ different from other learning tools out there?

WizIQ puts learners and teachers together regardless of the boundaries and enables live, online teaching for absolutely no cost to the teacher or the student. Learning live in a virtual classroom from a teacher of your choice, we believe, is the next best alternative to face-to-face teaching. Further, with all the “digital” benefits that computers offer us, teachers can explain concepts using 'learning assets' such as images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, documents etc. Unlike face-to-face classes, sessions get recorded so that teachers and students can revisit and even search for a certain topic. Real time interaction in the virtual classroom allows for live feedback from the students making WizIQ a valuable tool for teachers. Another advantage of WizIQ is that it is a discovery platform to find good teachers and high quality free educational content that is rated by the learning community.