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Establishing the Principles
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About Fahd At-Taahiriyy

With the Name of Allaah

NEW~~~*~ Schedule for Online Classes~*~~~NEW
*All Classes after Maghrib +4GMT*

Friday: Principles of Worship, and the meaning, conditions, and rulings regarding the testimony of truth ----- through a series of Books, first to start with will be: The Four Fundamental Principles by Muhammad At'Tameemiyy (1206 A.H)

Saturday: Series of Lectures titled ( Closest to the prophet ) covering true Muslim characteristics, manners, and virtues

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday: Principles of Arabic Starting with Sarf (Morphology)

Monday: Principles of Creed ---- through a series of books starting with a splendid short comprehensive 16 verse poem by one of the Early classical great scholars: Al Hakam ibnu Ma'bad Al Khuza'iyy (295 A.H)

Wednesday: Basics of Purification, and Prayer ----- through a series of Books starting with the Book "The Conditions of Prayer, its pillars, and obligations" by (Mohammad At'Tameemiyy)

* To view recordings please visit: http://establishingtheprinciples.wordpress.com

Baarakallaahu feekum

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Face to Face Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Morphology (1st - 4th Grade)
Language of Instruction: English
Grammar (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Teaching Experience

Islamic Studies

Personal, United Arab Emirates

Jan 2005 - Present

Tawheed, Sarf, Grammar, Balagha, Creed, Rules Jurisprudence

Professional Experience
Islamic sciences
None, United Arab Emirates
Jan 2005 - Present

Taught many books to many students, such as:
- The Four Principles
- The three Fundamental Principles
- The Book of Tawheed
- The Clearance of doubts
- Ten Acts Revoking Islam
- AaJurroomiyyah, Ad'Durral' Yateemah, and Mulhatul E'raab in Grammar
- Bina'ul Af'aal in Sarf
- Haa'eiyyat ibn abee dawood
- Shurootus' Salah
- and Many more...


Minor in Islamic studies

Institute of Haram of Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Sep 2008 - Aug 2010

H.D in E-Commerce

HCT, United Arab Emirates

Sep 1998 - May 2002

Professional Exams & Certifications

H.D E-Commerce

United Arab Emirates

Year Of Passing: 2002

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