MoodleMoot Virtual Conferences in Englishand Spanishon WizIQ

Welcome to the 3rd annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference (MMVC13) for 2013. The MoodleMoot conference is an annual event that takes place every August on WizIQ education online. The current Moodlemoot will take place from August 23-25 2013 online via WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Moodlemoot Moodle:
Join the conference area on WizIQ for ongoing updates before, during, and after MMVC13:
This year the presentations will be conducted in multiple languages (English, Spanish, and German).
The topic tracks for MMVC13:
  • Instruction and Learning
  • Teaching with Moodle in Unique Ways
  • Online Facilitation
  • Moodle Tricks and Tips
  • Moodle Plugins, Modules
  • WizIQ VC on Moodle
  • Developers' Corner on Moodle
  • Going Mobile
  • iPads & iPhone for Learning
  • Communities of Learning
  • Research Studies with Technology
  • Best Practices with Technology
  • Innovations with Moodle
  • Mahara & Moodle
  • Blended & Blended Online Learning
  • Action Research Projects
  • Reflective Practice
  • E-portfolios
  • New & Innovative Programs
  • Moodle Book Review
  • Case Studies on Moodle
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Moodle in Higher Education
  • Moodle in K-12
  • Moodle for Business
  • Moodle Compared to other LMSs

Each presentation will be 45 minutes long with 15 min for questions and answers.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Title of Presentation
Name of Presenter
Dr. Hemlata Chari
6:00 AM
Elena Grigorouk
7:00 AM
Lenandlar Singh
7:00 AM
Sylvia Guinan
9:00 AM
Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson
12:00 PM
Dr. Anitha V. Devi
3:00 PM
John Graves
4:00 PM

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Title of Presentation
Name of Presenter
Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan
2:00 PM

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Title of Presentation
Name of Presenter
Elizabeth Mbasu
9:00 AM
Vance Stevens
10:00 AM
Ali Talaeizadeh
11:00 AM