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Professor Snyder is a New York State licensed Education Administrator. She has a Master of Science degree in TESOL. She has taught ESL for 23 years. She has taught ESL at the college level and at the middle and high school levels. She specializes in teaching English and Spanish as second languages. In addition, she has an extensive background in teaching college ESL LEVELS 1-7, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Also, she teaches US History and government and citizenship. She loves teaching and welcomes all students and parents to join in the free trial lessons. She respects and admires students who value education. The free weekend ESL courses are primarily designed for intermediate/advanced level students with a strong desire to improve their English skills. College level ESL 1-7 classes are offered during the week. Beginning level students are welcomed.

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Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One and Group Teaching

In Person Teaching

One-on-One and group

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Teaching Field (Bachelor of Science: Education)
Language of Instruction: English
TESOL, ESL, Curriculum Development, Training, Mentoring, Internship Supervision, Spanish, Grammar, Education Administration, Reading, Writing
College Level ESL (Languages)
Language of Instruction: English
English grammar, US history and government, reading, writing, Spanish
Spanish and ESL 6-12 (Others)
Language of Instruction: English
Spanish and ESL
TESOL (Business and Management)
Language of Instruction: English
ESL Aspects Business
College Writing (Writing)
Language of Instruction: English
Great Essays, Compositions, Thesis, Research Papers
Education Law (Law)
Language of Instruction: English
Legal Basics Education, Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Education, American Public School Law, Tenure, Contracts, Due Process, Collective Bargaining, Educator Rights, Employment Discrimination
Bible Study (Body, Mind and Soul)
Language of Instruction: English
God's Love, Grace and Mercy, Faith, Divine Women Bible, God's Sovereignty, Spiritual Warfare, Wisdom Keys, Power Blood Jesus Christ, Crucifixion and Redemption
Citizenship (Social Work)
Language of Instruction: English
US Governemt and History, US Citizenship Test Preparation
Teaching Experience

Education Administrator

The ESL Excellence Institute, United States

Aug 2008 - Present

TESOL, Education Law, Educational Administration, ESL, Professional Development, English, College and Business Writing, Spanish, Listening, Reading, Bible Study, Citizenship

I was commended for outstanding teacher training and ESL program management by the NYS Education Department in 1999. I have 23 years of professional education administration and education practitioner experience.

ESL Instructor

Westchester Community College, , United States

Sep 2000 - Dec 2006

Integrated ESL

I taught ESL reading, writing, speaking and listening classes to college level students. I was commended and loved by the students and staff.

Writing Professor

Concordia Christian College, New York, United States , United States

Sep 2002 - Jun 2005

College Writing

This was an exemplary opportunity. This was an undergraduate ESL program. I taught ESL college students from all around the world. The college and teaching experience was wonderful!.

ESL Trainer and Teacher

Yonkers Public School District, United States

Sep 2001 - Jun 2003

Education Law, Education Administration, TESOL

This was a full time position. I taught ESL full time and trained union members in areas of education law and contract enforcement.

ESL/Bilingual Education Administrator/Curriculum Developer

Hempstead Public School District, United States

Sep 1997 - Jun 2000

Education Administration, ESL Curriculum Development, and Spanish.

This was a full time administrative position. In this capacity I was the ESL/Bilingual Education Department Chairperson. I designed and implemented ESL/Bilingual Education workshops, covering compliance issues, education research, and curriculum development. I worked primarily with Spanish, Haitian and Asian students in this school. This was a full time K-12 position. As an extra part time, job, I taught Spanish part time. The parents, students and staff were great!

ESL Staff Developer and Teacher

Rosevelt Public School District, United States

Sep 1997 - Jun 1999

Middle and High School Integrated ESL

I worked as an ESL staff developer and Teacher. I designed and implemented teacher, administrator and parent workshops on ESL compliance issues and curriculum development. I taught ESL to middle and high school students.

Adult Educator

BOCES, United States

Sep 1996 - Jul 1998

ESL. USA Citizenship, GED

I worked as an ESL Adult Educator. I taught ESL Literacy, levels 1-7 and USA Citizenship classes to adult students. I taught students from all parts of the world with varying levels.

ESL Instructor

Long Island Business Institute,, United States

Sep 1996 - Jun 1997

ESL Business and Integrated ESL

This was part time college teaching. The students were mostly Asian and Spanish.I taught the above subjects. The students were wonderful!

ESL Staff Developer and Teacher Trainer

New York City Board of Education, United States

Sep 1994 - Jun 1996

Education Administration, Curriculum Development, Integrated ESL

I worked as a mentor and Teacher Trainer. I trained NYC first year teachers and taught ESL levels 1-7.

ESL Mentor and Teacher

Rochester City School District, United States

Sep 1987 - Jun 1994

Middle and High School ESL and Spanish

I started my career here with great principals and students. I taught students from all over the world. I taught ESL literacy to ESL 7. I taught grades 6-12 and I mentored new teachers.

ESL Adult Educator

Rochester City School District, United States

Dec 1986 - Jun 1990

ESL, USA Citizenship and GED

This was an evening adult education program. I taught the above subjects.

Professional Experience
Ministerial Ambassador
Prayer Warriors Incorporated, New York, United States
Jan 2008 - Present

This is prayer and education organization. We minister about and pray for the retaking of this earth from dark forces. We urge all God loving people to join in prayer! In addition, we counsel, educate and lead people to understanding the authority and sovereignty in scriptural teachings.

Education Counselor
Cavalry Organization International, New York, United States
May 1985 - Sep 1987

Counseled individuals regarding education, jobs, job readiness training, parenting skills, and college preparation.



Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, New York, United States

Sep 1999 - Jun 2000


State University of New York College at Brockport, New York, United States

Sep 1984 - Jun 1986


State University of New York College at Brockport, New York, United States

Sep 1980 - Jun 1984

I was awarded a Spanish proficency certificate for assisting the professor.

Professional Exams & Certifications

NYS Licenses in Education Administration, SDA and SAS

New York, United States

Year Of Passing: 2000


New York, United States

Year Of Passing: 1986

National Teachers Exam

NYS Education Department, United States

Year Of Passing: 1982

Associations & Membership
Tesol Inc.
Virginia, United States
Jan 1999 - Jan 2000
Publications and Research
ESL Administrator and Teacher Training Tools and Techniques
M. Snyder

I have written several research papers on teacher training, education law, and curriculum development. Some of my work is posted on the link listed here. These writings include: sample ESL multi level curriculum guides, placement forms and tests, program descriptions, compliance reports, instructional plans, course outlines, etc..

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