Guadalupe Ortega

Female, 69 Years|Mexico city - 03600, Mexico

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About Guadalupe Ortega

Hello! I'm a freelance Spanish and English teacher to adults, working with practical communication skills and strategies, teaching ONLINE, group, one-on-one, and tailor designed courses.

I've been teaching Spanish and English since the mid 70’s. Having specialized in developing topics, techniques and materials aimed to build up listening and speaking abilities as well as fostering fluency and conversation in students from the very beginning in basic all the way up to advanced levels, in which I have developed special business abilities needed by students such as negotiation, presentation, argumentation, etc. using online resources and offering different kinds of alternatives for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

One-on-One at $30-40 per hour

Group Teaching at $20-30 per hour

Offers free trial classes

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Spanish and English Fluency (Business and Management)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Conversational Spanish, according students' interests
Teaching Experience

Business Spanish and English Fluency

Doing business as GOservices, Mexico City, Mexico

Nov 1975 - Jul 2015

Personal Development

Achievements & Special Mention: As my students are usually CEO´s, VP´s, executives, negotiators and professionals, the most important achievement is whenever they are able to do business abroad, get the promotion they couldn’t get before because they couldn’t speak English, or do business, survive and express themselves in Spanish when living in Spanish speaking countries

Professional Experience
We are offering 12 private 50 mintue classes for $300 uscy, Mexico
Aug 2015 - Present

If you have a group of 3 participants, in similar speaking level, you may choose a package of 36 classes for $298.8 per participant, or a package of 12 classes for $120 per participant


Accelerated Learning

IAL, Georgia, United States

Jan 1999 - Jan 2001

Professional Exams & Certifications

ELT Techniques Listening and Pronunciation

WizIQ, Canada

Year Of Passing: 2014

Teaching English to speakers of other language

ELT, Mexico

Year Of Passing: 2003

Marketing Diploma Degree

ITAM, Mexico

Year Of Passing: 1987

Bachelor in Engineering

UNAM, Mexico

Year Of Passing: 1974

Associations & Membership
Community of English Language Teachers
Jun 2014 - Jul 2014
WizIQ Communities
Teacher Statistics
Followers: 29
Following: 509
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