Manage your Contacts on WizIQ


WizIQ provides you with a simple and flexible way to manage your contacts. Now, you can group your contacts by any criteria you choose in contact list. One contact can be grouped under multiple lists.

Hence you can have a contact list classified by How you got in touch with someone or How are you related [Professional, Colleague, Online Teacher Contact, Online Student Contact, School Student, Good Student, Need Improvement in Maths Student etc.]. While scheduling an online class, sending test to be attempted or asking content item to be reviewed, you can select people from a given contact list. You can also send message to everyone in the contact list as well. This is a very easy yet very powerful way to manage your contacts.

Manage your Contacts Now


Why Manage Contacts?

  • Schedule personalized classes, tests to attempt, content to review for group of people
  • Group people by how you want
    • Student Needs [Weak/ Good in particular subjects]
    • How you know someone?
    • School Grade/ Subjects
  • Send everyone in the contact list common message or notice
  • Make it easy for you to group people

How to Manage Contacts?

  • Go to My Contacts
  • Add a Contact List
  • Add Contact to Contact List
  • Add Contact Request to a Contact List

Premium Members can make unlimited contact lists, while free members can make up to 03 contact lists [one being All Contacts].
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