Alejandra Guajardo

On-line instructor and linguist focused on minority languages.
Female, 46 Years|LIMA, Peru

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About Alejandra Guajardo

I made translation and humanities studies at Ricardo Palma University from 1992-1998. During those years I participated in a Spanish - Quechua translation project to develop dictionaries. At the same time I worked as a manager and editor for a well-known bilingual magazine about mining in my country.

In 2004 I started to work for SIL International, a " U.S.-based, worldwide non-profit organization, whose main purpose is to study, develop and document languages, especially those that are lesser-known, in order to expand linguistic knowledge, promote literacy and aid minority language development". This experience has given me the oportunity of understand and see people from other cultures in a total different way. Because of that, I decided to studied linguistics at UNMSM in Lima in order to learn about internal functioning of languages and their closed related links with society. At the same time I continue working as a coordinator of a postgraduated university course "CILTA" sponsored by Ricardo Palma University and SIL International.

As self-taught person I am very curious and persistant. In 2007 I started to research about new education technologies and social web sites. I found a new world. Last year I was chosen by my institution to form a workteam of teachers and develop an online academic program to deliver courses about linguistics by internet. Currently I am devoted to carry on this challenge.

Teaching Preferences

Online Teaching

Teaches following Subjects/Exams
Phonetics (Linguistics)
Language of Instruction: Spanish
phonetics, linguistics
Teaching Experience

"Aula de Lingüística" Coordinator

SIL, Peru

Oct 2007 - Present

linguistics, phonetics

CILTA Coordinator

CILTA Diplomado, Peru

Mar 2005 - Present

linguistics matters


Master in Linguistics

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru

Apr 2007 - Present

English - Spanish translator

Universidad Ricardo Palma, Peru

Mar 1992 - Jul 1998

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